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Individual study: Within-season nest box fidelity in eastern bluebirds Sialia sialis near Davidson, North Carolina, USA

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Stanback M. & Dervan A. (2001) Within-season nest-site fidelity in eastern bluebirds: disentangling effects of nest success and parasite avoidance. The Auk, 118, 743-745

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Clean nest boxes to increase occupancy or reproductive success Bird Conservation

A replicated study in North Carolina, USA (Stanback & Dervan 2001), found that eastern bluebirds Sialis sialis preferentially selected cleaned nest boxes over uncleaned boxes, with 71% of 45 pairs switching from a previously-used box to an unused one. However, if successful nest boxes were cleaned then 75% of 32 pairs remained in the same box, rather than moving to an identical, cleaned box.