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Individual study: The use of nest boxes by Vaux's swifts Chaetura vauxi in northeast Oregon, USA

Published source details

Bull E.L. (2003) Use of nest boxes by Vaux's swifts. Journal of Field Ornithology, 74, 394-400

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Provide artificial nesting sites for swifts Bird Conservation

A study in 1999-2002 in pine forests in Oregon, USA (Bull 2003), found that Vaux’s swifts Chaetura vauxi successfully nested in nest boxes, with 53% of 51 nesting attempts successful and fledging an average of 3.5 chicks/nest. A total of 103 nest boxes were erected, with 12-17 used each year and a total of 30 boxes used. Boxes had a 30 x 30 x 350 cm with a 10 x 15 cm entrance hole and attached 10-15 m above the ground in trees.