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Individual study: Nest box fidelity of mountain bluebirds Sialia currucoides near Bickleton and Cleveland, Klickitat County, Washington, USA

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Herlugson C. (1981) Nest site selection in mountain bluebirds. The Condor, 83, 252-255

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Provide artificial nesting sites for songbirds Bird Conservation

A small replicated study in 1976-8 in a mixed forest in Washington State, USA (Herlugson 1981), found that mountain bluebird Sialia currucoides reproductive success (clutch size, eggs number hatched and chicks number) did not differ between two nest box designs. Of 22 marked females that successfully bred, 68% returned to the same territory and nest box type and 71% of those that changed territory selected the same type of nest box. Unsuccessful breeders, however, were more likely to change territory and box type in subsequent years (60% five unsuccessful breeders changed territories, 40% also changed nest box type). The majority of boxes had a 30 x 15 cm base and a 4.4 cm diameter entrance hole 10 cm above the floor; the rest had a 12.7 x 12.7 cm based and a 3.8 cm hole 14 cm above the floor. All were erected 1.5 m above the ground on fence posts and 400 m apart.