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Individual study: Carbon dynamics in reintroduced Sphagnum along a moisture gradient in a cutaway peatland at Aitoneva, Pirkanmaa, southern Finland

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Tuittila E., Vasander H. & Laine J. (2004) Sensitivity of C sequestration in reintroduced Sphagnum to water-level variation in a cutaway peatland. Restoration Ecology, 12, 483-493

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Add mosses to peatland surface Peatland Conservation

A replicated before-and-after study in 1994–1998 in a historically mined bog in Finland (Tuittila et al. 2004) reported that plots sown with fragments of fine bog moss Sphagnum angustifolium (after rewetting) developed cover of fine bog moss. Before sowing, plots were bare peat. After four years, fine bog moss cover was 29%. In the previous three years, fine bog moss cover varied between 16 and 26%. In September 1994, 2–3 cm fragments of fine bog moss were spread on six 60 x 60 cm plots, forming a covering layer. The bare peat plots had been rewetted earlier in 1994. The moss was collected from a nearby pristine bog. Every August from 1995 to 1998, Sphagnum cover was measured in one 30 cm2 quadrat/plot.

(Summarised by Nigel Taylor)