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Individual study: Provision of tropical cedar Cedrella nest boxes for scarlet macaws Ara macao at Tambopata Nature Reserve, Madre de Dios, Peru

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Brightsmith D. (2000) Macaw reproduction and management in Tambopata, Peru II: nest box design and use.

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Provide artificial nesting sites for parrots Bird Conservation

A replicated trial of two nest box designs in 1992-2000 at a tropical rainforest site in southwest Peru (Brightsmith 2000) found that both designs were used by scarlet macaws Ara macao, with PVC tubes proving more durable than wooden boxes. Eight boxes (45 x 45 x 160 cm with a 15 cm diameter entrance hole) made from tropical cedar Cedrella odorata wood were hung on the tall emergent trees in March 1992, with seven used by macaws (one was occupied by bees). No wooden boxes were useable by September 1999. Five PVC tube nest boxes (30 or 35 cm diameter, two 17 x 15 cm entrance holes, lined with caulk and with wooden or metal top and bottom) were hung in August-September 1992, of which four were occupied in 1993-4. More nest boxes were hung in later years and nine of 12 available boxes were used in the 1999-2000 breeding season.