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Individual study: Recreating species rich hay meadows using regional seed mixtures in the White Carpathians Protected Landscape Area, Czech Republic

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Jongepierova I., Mitchley J. & Tzanopoulos J. (2007) A field experiment to recreate species rich hay meadows using regional seed mixtures. Biological Conservation, 139, 297-305

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Restore/create species-rich, semi-natural grassland Farmland Conservation

A replicated trial in the White Carpathians Protected Landscape Area, in the eastern Czech Republic (Jongepierova et al. 2007), found that sowing a regional seed mixture over the entire plot was the most effective treatment for establishing hay meadow vegetation. Four restoration treatments were tested, each in four 55 x 20 m plots, replicated within a single 3 ha arable field. The experimental treatments were sowing seven grasses and 20 herb species throughout the plot, or sowing 2.5 m-wide strips of just the herb species with or without a commercial grass mix. Control plots were left to naturally regenerate. In the fully sown plots, 19 of the 20 herb species, and all seven grass species had established by 2004, providing 30% and 55% cover on average. The cover of sown herb and grass species in the strip-sown or unsown treatments were less than 5% and 2-9% respectively. Plots were sown in spring 1999, and vegetation monitored in June 2002-2004. All plots were cut once in July and the hay removed, following restoration.