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Individual study: Breeding success of ospreys Pandion haliaetus before and after liming in an area of acidified oligotrophic lakes in southwestern Sweden

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Eriksson M.O.G. & Wallin K. (1994) Survival and breeding success of the osprey Pandion haliaetus in Sweden. Bird Conservation International, 4, 263-277

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Use lime to reduce acidification in lakes Bird Conservation

A before-and-after study at three acidified lakes in southwest Sweden (Eriksson & Wallin 1994) found that the average number of large (over four week-old) osprey Pandion haliaetus nestlings produced in successful breeding attempts was not significantly different during a period of extensive liming of acidified lakes (1980–7), compared to either of two periods without liming (1961-71: 2.0 nestlings/successful breeding attempt; 1972-9: 2.0 nestlings/successful attempt; 1980-7: 1.9 nestlings/successful attempt).