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Evaluating the use of aerial nesting platforms by Canada geese

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Craighead J.J. & Stockstad D.S. (1961)

Experimental Release of Canvasbacks on Breeding Habitat

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Sugden L.G. (1976)

Monitoring a population of common toads (Bufo bufo) in a housing development

Herpetological Bulletin

Based on: Cooke A.S. (2000)

Assessing effectiveness of reintroduction of the flightless Aldabra rail on Picard Island, Aldabra Atoll, Seychelles

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Šúr M., van de Crommenacker J. & Bunbury N. (2013)

Conservation of Mediterranean oak woodlands: understorey dynamics under different shrub management

Agroforestry Systems

Based on: Canteiro C., Pinto-Cruz C., Simões M.P. & Gazarini L. (2011)

Cage Use and Feeding Height Preferences of Captive Common Marmosets (Callithrix j. jacchus) in Two-Tier Cages

Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science

Based on: Buchanan-Smith H.M., Shand C. & Morris K. (2002)

Effects of Cattle Grazing on Diversity in Ephemeral Wetlands

Conservation Biology

Based on: Marty J.T. (2005)

A multidisciplinary evaluation of restoration measures in a degraded Cirsio-Molinietum fen meadow

Applied Vegetation Science

Based on: van Duren I.C., Strykstra R.J., Grootjans A.P., ter Heerdt G.N.J. & Pegtel D.M. (1998)

Age of enlightenment: long-term effects of outdoor aesthetic lights on bats in churches

Royal Society Open Science

Based on: Rydell J., Eklöf J. & Sánchez-Navarro S. (2017)

Evaluation of short-term fallowing as a strategy for the management of recurring organic enrichment under salmon cages.

Marine Pollution Bulletin

Based on: Macleod C.K., Moltschaniwskyj N.A. & Crawford C.M. (2006)

Influence of prerelease experience on reintroduced black-footed ferrets (Mustela nigripes)

Based on: Biggins D.E., Vargas A., Godbey J.L. & Anderson S.H. (1999)

Electric fencing as a measure to reduce moose–vehicle collisions

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Leblond M., Dussault C., Ouellet J.-., Poulin M., Courtois R. & Fortin J. (2007)

Successful release of a wild Wolf Canis lupus, following treatment for a leg injury

The Canadian Field-Naturalist

Based on: Thiel R.P. (2000)

Intensive beach management as an improved sea turtle conservation strategy in Mexico

Biological Conservation

Based on: García A., Ceballos G. & Adaya R. (2003)

Reintroduction of the lynx into the Vosges mountain massif: from animal survival and movements to population development

Biological Conservation

Based on: Vandel J., Stahl P., Herrenschmidt V. & Marboutin E. (2006)

Shrub-grassland small mammal and vegetation responses to rest from grazing

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Rosenstock S.S. (1996)

Effects of species richness on resident and target species components in a prairie restoration

Restoration Ecology

Based on: Piper J.K., Schmidt E.S. & Janzen A.J. (2007)

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