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Evaluating residual tree patches as stepping stones and short-term refugia for red-legged frogs

Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Chan-McLeod A.C.A. & Moy A. (2007)

Ranchers restore amphibian-friendly ponds

Endangered Species Bulletin

Based on: Symonds K. (2008)

Orchard water use and soil characteristics

California Agriculture

Based on: Prichard T., Sills W.M., Asai W.K., Hendricks L.C. & Elmore C.L. (1989)

Developing an effective community conservation program for cotton-top tamarins (Saguinus oedipus) in Colombia

American Journal of Primatology

Based on: Savage A., Guillen R., Lamilla I. & Soto L. (2010)

Effects of cave gating on population trends at individual hibernacula of the Indiana bat (Myotis sodalis)

Acta Chiropterologica

Based on: Crimmins S.M., McKann P.C., Szymanski J.A. & Thogmartin W.E. (2014)

Wildlife warning reflectors do not mitigate wildlife–vehicle collisions on roads

Based on: Benten A., Hothorn T., Vor T. & Ammer C. (2018)

Population responses of black-tailed deer to prescribed burning

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Klinger R.C., Kutilek M.J. & Shellhammer H.S. (1989)

Long-term responses of ecosystem components to stand thinning in young lodgepole pine forest: II. Diversity and population dynamics of forest floor small mammals

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Sullivan T.P., Sullivan D.S., Lindgren P.M.F. & Ransome D.B. (2005)

The restoration of neglected hedges: a comparison of management treatments

Biological Conservation

Based on: Croxton P.J., Franssen W., Myhill D.G. & Sparks T.H. (2004)

Iron and sulphate as possible key factors in the restoration ecology of rich fens in discharge areas

Wetlands Ecology and Management

Based on: Kemmers R.H, van Delft S.P.J. & Jansen P.C. (2003)

Bumble bee (Hymenoptera: Apidae) activity and loss in commercial tomato greenhouses

The Canadian Entomologist

Based on: Morandin L.A., Laverty T.M., Kevan P.G., Khosla S. & Shipp L. (2001)

Arable field margins managed for biodiversity conservation: a review of food resource provision for farmland birds

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Vickery J.A., Feber R.E. & Fuller R.J. (2009)

Induction of red-cockaded woodpecker group formation by artificial cavity construction

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Copeyon C.K., Walters J.R. & III J.H.C. (1991)

Improving natural pest suppression in arable farming: field margins and the importance of ground dwelling predators.

Landscape management for functional biodiversity, 2nd Working Group meeting

Based on: Alebeek F.V., Kamstra J.H., Kruistum G.V. & Visser A. (2006)

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