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Management of McNeil River State Game Sanctuary for viewing of brown bears

Bears: Their Biology and Management

Based on: Aumiller L.D. & Matt C.A. (1994)

Survival of wild and hand-reared ringtail possums (Pseudocheirus peregrinus) in bushland near Sydney

Wildlife Research

Based on: Augee M.L., Smith B. & Rose S. (1996)

Conservation value of the herbaceous vegetation in hedgerows - does organic farming make a difference?

Biological Conservation

Based on: Aude E., Tybirk K., Michelsen A., Ejrnaes R., Hald A.B. & Mark S. (2004)

Vegetation diversity of conventional and organic hedgerows in Denmark

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Aude E., Tybirk K. & Pedersen M.B. (2003)

Effects of various silvicultural systems on regeneration in mixed hardwood stands of the southern Appalachians

Journal of Sustainable Forestry

Based on: Atwood C.J., Fox T.R. & Loftis D.L. (2011)

Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and nematodes are involved in negative feedback on a dual culture of alfalfa and Russian wildrye

Applied Soil Ecology

Based on: Atul N., Hamel C., Forge T., Selles F., Jefferson P.G., Hanson K. & Germida J. (2008)

Soil erosion, runoff and nutrient losses in an avocado (Persea americana Mill) hillside orchard under different groundcover management systems

Plant and Soil

Based on: Atucha A., Merwin I.A., Brown M.G., Gardiazabal F., Mena F., Adriazola C. & Lehmann J. (2013)

Population size and artificial waterhole use by striped hyenas in the Dana Biosphere Reserve, Jordan


Based on: Attum O., Rosenbarger D., Al awaji M., Kramer A. & Eida E. (2017)

Managed realignment in the UK - the first 5 years of colonization by birds


Based on: Atkinson P.W., Crooks S., Drewitt A., Grant A., Rehfisch M.M., Sharpe J. & Tyas C.J. (2004)

Translocation as a tool for mitigating conflict with leopards in human-dominated landscapes of India

Conservation Biology

Based on: Athreya V., Odden M., Linnell J.D.C. & Karanth K.U. (2011)

Factors influencing the plant and invertebrate diversity of arable field margins

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Asteraki E.J., Hart B.J., Ings T.C. & Manley W.J. (2004)

Agri-environment schemes and foraging of barn owls Tyto alba

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Askew N.P., Searle J.B. & Moore N.P. (2007)

Restoration of a Sri Lankan rainforest: using Caribbean pine Pinus caribaea as a nurse for establishing late-successional tree species

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Ashton P.M.S., Gamage S., Gunatilleke I.A.U.N. & Gunatilleke C.V.S. (1997)

Prescribed burning and browsing to control tree encroachment in southern European heathlands

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Ascoli D., Lonati M., Marzano R., Bovio G., Cavallero A. & Lombardi G. (2013)

Importance of ecological compensation areas for small mammals in intensively farmed areas

Wildlife Biology

Based on: Aschwanden J., Holzgang O. & Jenni L. (2007)

Factors affecting culvert use by vertebrates along two stretches of road in southern Portugal

Ecological Research

Based on: Ascensão F. & Mira A. (2007)

Effects of salinity and cutting on the development of Phragmites australis

Wetlands Ecology and Management

Based on: Asaeda T., Manatunge J., Fujino T. & Sovira D. (2003)

Optimum brood size for artificial propagation of the stingless bee Scaptotrigona mexicana

Journal of Apicultural Research

Based on: Arzaluz A., Obregón F. & Jones R. (2002)

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