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The reintroduction of the Eurasian otter (Lutra lutra) into the Netherlands: hidden life revealed by noninvasive genetic monitoring

Conservation Genetics

Based on: Koelewijn H., Perez-Haro M., Jansman H.A.H., Boerwinkel M.C., Bovenschen J., Lammertsma D.R., Niewold F.J.J. & Kuiters A.T. (2010)

The effect of demographic characteristics on the success of ungulate re-introductions

Biological Conservation

Based on: Komers P.E. & Curman G.P. (2000)

Biological, technical, and social aspects of applying electrified fladry for livestock protection from wolves (Canis lupus)

Wildlife Research

Based on: Lance N.J., Breck S.W., Sime C., Callahan P. & Shivik J.A. (2010)

Long-range homing by an adult female black bear, Ursus americanus

The Canadian Field-Naturalist

Based on: Landriault L., Hall M., Hamr J. & Mallory F. (2006)

Animals crossing the Northway: are existing culverts useful?

Adirondack Journal of Environmental Studies

Based on: LaPoint S., Keys R.W. & Ray J.C. (2003)

The influence of mammalian predator exclusion, food supplementation, and prescribed fire on survival of Glaucomys volans

Journal of Mammalogy

Based on: Karmacharya B., Hostetler J.A., Conner L.M., Morris G. & Oli M.K. (2013)

Success of grizzly bear population augmentation in northwest Montana

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Kasworm W.F., Proctor M.F., Servheen C. & Paetkau D. (2007)

Fast food bears: brown bear diet in a human-dominated landscape with intensive supplemental feeding

Wildlife Biology

Based on: Kavčič I., Adamič M., Kaczensky P., Krofel M., Kobal M. & Jerina K. (2015)

Crossing structures reconnect federally endangered flying squirrel populations divided for 20 years by road barrier

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Kelly C.A., Diggins C.A. & Lawrence A.J. (2013)

Effects of reintroduction of European beaver in the lowlands of the Vistula Basin

Acta Theriologica

Based on: Zurowski W. & Kasperczyk B. (1988)

Sixteen years of eastern barred bandicoot Perameles gunnii reintroductions in Victoria: a review

Pacific Conservation Biology

Based on: Winnard A.L. & Coulson G. (2008)

Effectiveness of low-cost deterrents in decreasing livestock predation by felids: a case in Central Mexico

Animal Conservation

Based on: Zarco-González M.M. & Monroy-Vilchis O. (2014)

Population trends of brown hares in Switzerland: the role of land-use and ecological compensation areas

Biological Conservation

Based on: Zellweger-Fischer J., Kéry M. & Pasinelli G. (2011)

Understanding unexpected reintroduction outcomes: Why aren't European bison colonizing suitable habitat in the Carpathians?

Biological Conservation

Based on: Ziółkowska E., Perzanowski K., Bleyhl B., Ostapowicz K. & Kuemmerle T. (2016)

Intercept feeding as a means of reducing deer-vehicle collisions

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Wood P. & Wolfe M.L. (1988)

Predation of wildlife by domestic cats Felis catus in Great Britain

Mammal Review

Based on: Woods M., McDonald R.A. & Harris S. (2003)

Koalas on North Stradbroke Island: diet, tree use and reconstructed landscapes

Wildlife Research

Based on: Woodward W., Ellis W.A., Carrick F.N., Tanizaki M., Bowen D. & Smith P. (2008)

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