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Marine reserves increase the abundance and size of blue cod and rock lobster

Based on: Pande A., MacDiarmid A., Smith P., Davidson R., Cole R., Freeman D., Kelly S. & Gardner J. (2008)

Effectiveness of a small marine reserve in southern California

Based on: Parnell P., Lennert-Cody C., Geelen L., Stanley L. & Dayton P. (2005)

Response of bay scallops to spawner transplants:a test of recruitment limitation

Based on: Peterson C., Summerson H. & Luettich R. (1996)

Protection changes the relevancy of scales of variability in coralligenous assemblages

Based on: Piazzi L., La M.G., Cecchi E., Serena F. & Ceccherelli G. (2016)

Spatial variability of soft-bottom macrobenthic communities in northern Sicily (Western Mediterranean): Contrasting trawled vs. untrawled areas

Based on: Romano C., Fanelli E., D'Anna G., Pipitone C., Vizzini S., Mazzola A. & Badalamenti F. (2016)

Benthic assemblages on artificial reefs in the northwestern Adriatic Sea: Does structure type and age matter?

Based on: Ponti M., Fava F., Perlini R.A., Giovanardi O. & Abbiati M. (2015)

Ontogenetic habitat shifts affect performance of artificial shelters for Caribbean spiny lobsters

Based on: Lozano-Álvarez E., Meiners C. & Briones-Fourzán P. (2009)

Influence of shelter availability on interactions between Caribbean spiny lobsters and moray eels: implications for artificial lobster enhancement

Based on: Lozano-Álvarez E., Briones-Fourzán P., Álvarez-Filip L., Weiss H., Negrete-Soto F. & Barradas-Ortiz C. (2010)

Field experiments on remediation of coastal sediments using granulated coal ash

Based on: Kim K., Hibino T., Yamamoto T., Hayakawa S., Mito Y., Nakamoto K. & Lee I. (2014)

Colonization of mine tailings by marine invertebrates

Based on: Kline E.R. & Stekoll M.S. (2001)

Seamount benthic macrofauna off southern Tasmania: community structure and impacts of trawling

Based on: Koslow J., Gowlett-Holmes K., Lowry J., O'Hara T., Poore G. & Williams A. (2001)

Effects of marine reserve protection on the mud crab Scylla serrata in a sex-biased fishery in subtropical Australia

Based on: Pillans S., Pillans R., Johnstone R., Kraft P., Haywood M. & Possingham H. (2005)

Biological recovery from organic enrichment: some systems cope better than others

Based on: Macleod C., Moltschaniwskyj N., Crawford C. & Forbes S. (2007)

Factors affecting bycatch in a developing New Zealand scampi potting fishery

Based on: Major R.N., Taylor D.I., Connor S., Connor G. & Jeffs A.G. (2017)

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