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Turf transplants for restoration of alpine vegetation: does size matter?

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Aradottir A.L. (2012)

Effects of habitat management on heathland response to atmospheric nitrogen deposition

Biological Conservation

Based on: Barker C.G., Power S.A., Bell J.N.B. & Orme C.D.L. (2004)

Shrub-Steppe Early Succession Following Juniper Cutting and Prescribed Fire

Environmental Management

Based on: Bates J.D., Davies K.W. & Sharp R.N. (2011)

Responses of plant functional groups in grazed and abandoned areas of a Natural Protected Area

Basic and Applied Ecology

Based on: Bermejo L.A., de N.L., Mata J., Fernández-Lugo S., Camacho A. & Arévalo J.R. (2012)

Extreme conservation leads to recovery of the Virunga mountain gorillas


Based on: Robbins M.M., Gray M., Fawcett K.A., Nutter F.B., Uwingeli P., Mburanumwe I., Kagoda E., Basabose A., Stoinski T.S., Cranfield M.R. & Byamukama J. (2011)

Vegetation succession on reclaimed coal wastes in Spain: The influence of soil and environmental factors

Applied Vegetation Science

Based on: Alday J.G. , Marrs R.H. & Martínez Ruiz C (2011)

Reproductive parameters over a 37-year period of free-ranging female Borneo orangutans at Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre


Based on: Kuze N., Sipangkui S., Malim T.P., Bernard H., Ambu L.N. & Kohshima S. (2008)

Herbaceous Succession After Burning of Cut Western Juniper Trees

Western North American Naturalist

Based on: Bates J.D. & Svejcar T.J. (2009)

The influence of plant removal on succession in Wyoming big sagebrush

Journal of Arid Environments

Based on: Boyd C.S. & Svejcar T.J. (2011)

Effects of cutting and nitrogen deposition on biodiversity in Cantabrian heathlands

Applied Vegetation Science

Based on: Calvo L., Alonso I., Marcos E & De Luis E. (2007)

Changes in heathland vegetation under goat grazing: Effects of breed and stocking rate

Applied Vegetation Science

Based on: Celaya R., Jáuregui B. M., Garcia R. R., Benavides R., Garcia U & Osoro K. (2010)

Burning season effects on the short-term post-fire vegetation dynamics of a Mediterranean heathland

Applied Vegetation Science

Based on: Céspedes B, Luna B, Pérez B, Urbieta I.R. & Moreno J.M (2014)

Impact of sheep grazing on nutrient budgets of dry heathlands

Applied Vegetation Science

Based on: Fottner S., Härdtle W, Niemeyer M, Niemeyer T., von Oheimb G., Meyer H & Mockenhaupt M (2007)

Tradeoffs in the Rehabilitation of a Succulent Karoo Rangeland

Land Degradation and Development

Based on: Hanke W., Wesuls D., Münchberger W. & Schmiedel U (2015)

The effectiveness of post-fire soil disturbance in restoring fynbos after alien clearance

South African Journal of Botany

Based on: Holmes P.M. & Foden W. (2001)

Assessment of post-burn removal methods for Acacia saligna in Cape Flats Sand Fynbos, with consideration of indigenous plant recovery

South African Journal of Botany

Based on: Krupek A, Gaertner M., Holmes P.M. & Elser K.J. (2016)

Effects of Artificial Sand Fixing on Community Characteristics of a Rare Desert Shrub

Conservation Biology

Based on: Liu H., Tao Y.E., Qiu D., Zhang D. & Zhang Y. (2013)

Postfire regeneration of a mediterranean heathland in Southern Spain

International Journal of Wildland Fire

Based on: Ojeda F., Marañón T. & Arroyo J (1996)

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