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The effectiveness of post-fire soil disturbance in restoring fynbos after alien clearance

South African Journal of Botany

Based on: Holmes P.M. & Foden W. (2001)

Assessment of post-burn removal methods for Acacia saligna in Cape Flats Sand Fynbos, with consideration of indigenous plant recovery

South African Journal of Botany

Based on: Krupek A, Gaertner M., Holmes P.M. & Elser K.J. (2016)

Effects of Artificial Sand Fixing on Community Characteristics of a Rare Desert Shrub

Conservation Biology

Based on: Liu H., Tao Y.E., Qiu D., Zhang D. & Zhang Y. (2013)

Postfire regeneration of a mediterranean heathland in Southern Spain

International Journal of Wildland Fire

Based on: Ojeda F., Marañón T. & Arroyo J (1996)

Benefits of the Symbiotic Association of Shrubby Legumes for the Rehabilitation of Degraded Soils under Mediterranean Climatic Conditions

Land Degradation and Development

Based on: Pérez-Fernández M.A., Clavo-Magro E. & Valentine A. (2016)

The effectiveness of active restoration following alien clearance in fynbos riparian zones and resilience of treatments to fire

South African Journal of Botany

Based on: Pretorius M.R., Esler K.J., Homes P.M & Prins N. (2008)

Long-term vegetation change in the Succulent Karoo, South Africa following 67 years of rest from grazing

Journal of Arid Environments

Based on: Rahlao S.J., Hoffman M.T., Todd S.W. & McGrath K. (2008)

Spontaneous succession of riparian fynbos: Is unassisted recovery a viable restoration strategy?

South African Journal of Botany

Based on: Reinecke M.K., Pigot A.L. & King J.M. (2008)

Regeneration of grassy fynbos near Grahamstown (eastern Cape) after fire

South African Journal of Botany

Based on: Richardson G.R., Lubke R.A. & Guilarmod A.J. (1984)

Delaying sheep grazing after wildfire in sagebrush steppe may not affect vegetation recovery

International Journal of Wildland Fire

Based on: Roselle L., Seedfeldt S.S. & Lauchbaugh K. (2010)

Compassionate conservation, rehabilitation and translocation of Indonesian slow lorises

Endangered Species Research

Based on: Moore R.S., Wihermanto S. & Nekaris K.A.I. (2014)

Educational activities in the Republic of Congo

Gorilla Journal

Based on: Mathot L. & Puit M. (2008)

Distribution of a conservation-based activity book at two primary schools near Analamazaotra Special Reserve, Madagascar

Lemur News

Based on: McGuire S.M., Sitzmann B.D., Herrington K., Ramarokoto R.E.A.F. & Luis J.R.E.E. (2009)

An outbreak of mange hits the Bwindi gorillas

Gorilla Journal

Based on: Mudakikwa A. (2001)

Lemurs and tourism in Ranomafana National Park, Madagascar: economic boom and other consequences

Based on: Wright P.C., Andriamihaja B., King S.J. , Guerriero J. , Hubbard J. , Russon A.E. & Wallis J. (2014)

Evaluating stakeholder awareness and involvement in risk prevention of aquatic invasive plant species by a national code of conduct

Aquatic Invasions

Based on: Verbrugge L.N., Leuven R.S., Van Valkenburg J.L. & van den Born R.J. (2014)

Do high iron concentrations in rewetted rich fens hamper restoration?


Based on: Aggenbach C.J.S., Backx H., Emsens W.J., Grootjans A.P., Lamers L.P.M., Smolders A.J.P., Stuyfzand P.J., Wołejko L. & Van Diggelen R. (2013)

Long-term plant community changes in managed fens in Ohio, USA

Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems

Based on: Barry M.J., Barbara A.K. & De Szalay F. (2008)

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