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The contribution of roadside grassland restorations to native bee conservation

Biological Conservation

Based on: Hopwood J.L. (2008)

Colony growth of the bumblebee, Bombus terrestris, in improved and conventional agricultural and suburban habitats


Based on: Goulson D., Hughes W.O.H., Derwent L.C. & Stout J.C. (2002)

Alpha and beta diversity of arthropods and plants in organically and conventionally managed wheat fields

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Clough Y., Holzschuh A., Gabriel D., Purtauf T., Kleijn D., Kruess A., Steffan-Dewenter I. & Tscharntke T. (2007)

The potential of Acacia albida for desertification control and increased productivity in Chad

Biological Conservation

Based on: Kirmse R.D. & Norton B.E. (1984)

Crocodile conservation in India

Biological Conservation

Based on: De Vos A. (1984)

Nest-site selection in relation to habitat edge: experiments in the common goldeneye

Journal of Avian Biology

Based on: Pöysä H., Milonoff M., Ruusila V. & Virtanen J. (1999)

The response of bumblebees to successional change in newly created arable field margins

Biological Conservation

Based on: Carvell C., Meek W.R., Pywell R.F. & Nowakowski M. (2004)

Food supply in early spring and stability of pair bonds in the varied tit Parus varius

Journal of Avian Biology

Based on: Nakamura M. & Kubota H. (1998)

Bird utilisation of rehabilitated bauxite minesites in Western Australia

Biological Conservation

Based on: Nichols O.G. & Watkins D. (1984)

Masculinisation of leatherback turtle Dermochelys coriacea hatchlings from eggs incubated in styrofoam boxes

Biological Conservation

Based on: Dutton P.H., Whitmore C.P. & Mrosovsky N. (1985)

The use of Krenite to control birch on lowland heaths

Biological Conservation

Based on: Marrs R.H. (1985)

Control of the Indian mongoose Herpestes auropunctatus on St John, US Virgin Islands

Biological Conservation

Based on: Coblentz B.E. & Coblentz B.A. (1985)

The value of a tree species for a stingless bee Melipona quadrifasciata quadrifasciata

Journal of Insect Conservation

Based on: Antonini Y. & Martins R.P. (2003)

Effect of supplemental food on the breeding of blue and great tits in Mediterranean habitats

Ornis Scandinavica

Based on: Clamens A. & Isenmann P. (1989)

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