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Farming for Wildlife Project: Annual Report 2007/8

Based on: Pywell R. & Nowakowski M. (2008)

A Swiss agri-environment scheme effectively enhances species richness for some taxa over time

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Roth T., Amrhein V., Peter B. & Weber D. (2008)

Effects of a low-input pesticide use on tritrophic systems in winter wheat and pea

Mitteilungen der Deutschen Gesellschaft für allgemeine und angewandte Entomologie

Based on: Schumacher K. & Freier B. (2008)

The value of sown grass margins for enhancing soil macrofaunal biodiversity in arable systems

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Smith J., Potts S. & Eggleton P. (2008)

Grasslands: Ecology, Management & Restoration

Re-creating plant and beetle assemblages of species-rich chalk grasslands on ex-arable land

Based on: Woodcock B.A., Mortimer S.R., Edwards A.R., Lawson C.S., Westbury D.B., Brook A.J., Harris S.J. & Brown V.K. (2008)

Effects of seed mixture and management on beetle assemblages of arable field margins

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Woodcock B.A., Westbury D.B., Tscheulin T., Harrison-Cripps J., Harris S.J., Ramsey A.J., Brown V.K. & Potts S.G. (2008)

Impact of the Austrian agri-environmental scheme on diversity of landscapes, plants and birds

Community Ecology

Based on: Wrbka T., Schindler S., Pollheimer M., Schmitzberger I. & Peterseil J. (2008)

Habitat use of field voles (Microtus agrestis) in wide and narrow buffer zones

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Yletyinen S. & Norrdahl K. (2008)

Green light for nocturnally migrating birds

Ecology and Society

Based on: Poot H., Ens B.J., de Vries H., Donners M.A.H., Wernand M.R. & Marquenie J.M. (2008)

Survival, Movements, and Reproduction of Translocated Greater Sage-Grouse in Strawberry Valley, Utah

Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Baxter R.J., Flinders J.T. & Mitchell D.L. (2008)

Effects of agri-environment schemes on plant diversity in Bavarian grasslands

Community Ecology

Based on: Mayer F., Heinz S. & Kuhn G. (2008)

Changing grass height alters foraging site selection by wintering farmland birds

Basic and Applied Ecology

Based on: Whittingham M.J. & Devereux C.L. (2008)

The combined effects of remnant vegetation and tree planting on farmland birds

Conservation Biology

Based on: Cunningham R.B., Lindenmayer D.B., Crane M., Michael D., MacGregor C., Montague-Drake R. & Fischer J. (2008)

The effect of noisy miners on small bush birds: an unofficial cull and its outcome

Pacific Conservation Biology

Based on: Debus S.J.S. (2008)

Restoring avian island endemics: use of supplementary food by the endangered pink pigeon (Columba mayeri)


Based on: Edmunds K., Bunbury N., Sawmy S., Jones C.G. & Bell D.J. (2008)

Effect of nestbox type on occupancy and breeding biology of tree sparrows Passer montanus in central Spain


Based on: Garcia-Navas V., Arroyo L., Sanz J.J. & Dias M. (2008)

Captive breeding reduces brain volume in waterfowl (Anseriformes)

The Condor

Based on: Guay P.J. & Iwaniuk A.N. (2008)

Avifaunal changes as a consequence of large-scale livestock exclusion in the mountains of Central Argentina

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Garcia C., Renison D., Cingolani A.M. & Fernandez-Juricic E. (2008)

Restoration of wet features for breeding waders on lowland grassland

Journal of Applied

Based on: Eglington S.M., Gill J.A. & Bolton M. (2008)

Importance of mowing and flood frequency in promoting species richness in restored floodplains

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Gerard M., El Kahloun M. & Rymen J. (2008)

Establishing systemic rust infections in Cirsium arvense in the field

Biocontrol Science and Technology

Based on: Wandeler H., Nentwig W. & Bacher S. (2008)

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