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Habitat management in control of Astylus atromaculatus (Coleoptera: Melyridae) in maize under subsistence farming conditions in South Africa

South African Journal of Plant and Soil

Based on: Midega A.O., Van den Berg J. & Khan Z.R. (2007)

Habitat management strategies for the control of cereal stemborers and striga in maize in Kenya

Insect Science and its Application

Based on: Khan Z.R., Pickett J.A., Wadhams L. & Muyekho F. (2001)

Impact of a habitat management system on diversity and abundance of maize stemborer predators in Western Kenya

Insect Science and its Application

Based on: Midega C.A.O. & Khan Z.R. (2003)

Exploiting phytochemicals for developing a 'push-pull' crop protection strategy for cereal farmers in Africa

Journal of Experimental Botany

Based on: Khan Z.R., Midega C.A.O., Bruce T.J.A., Hooper A.M. & Pickett J.A. (2010)

Field evaluation of the combined deterrent and attractive effects of dimethyl disulfide on Delia radicum and its natural enemies

Biological Control

Based on: Ferry A., Le Tron S., Dugravot S. & Cortesero A.M. (2009)

Field responses of predaceous arthropods to methyl salicylate: a meta-analysis and case study in cranberries

Biological Control

Based on: Rodriguez-Saona C., Kaplan I., Braasch J., Chinnasamy D. & Williams L. (2011)

Evaluation of herbivore-induced plant volatiles for monitoring green lacewings in Washington apple orchards

Biological Control

Based on: Jones V.P., Steffan S.A., Wiman N.G., Horton D.R., Miliczky E., Zhang Q.-H. & Baker C.C. (2011)

Efficacies of habitat management techniques in managing maize stem borers in Ethiopia

Crop Protection

Based on: Belay D. & Foster J.E. (2010)

Economic performance of the 'push-pull' technology for stemborer and Striga control in smallholder farming systems in western Kenya

Crop Protection

Based on: Khan Z.R., Midega C.A.O., Njuguna E.M., Amudavi D.M., Wanyama J.M. & Pickett J.A. (2008)

Effects of an herbivore-induced plant volatile on arthropods from three trophic levels in brassicas

Biological Control

Based on: Orre G.U.S., Wratten S.D., Jonsson M. & Hale R.J. (2010)

Combining intercropping with semiochemical releases: optimization of alternative control of Sitobion avenae in wheat crops in China

Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata

Based on: Wang G., Cui L., Dong J., Francis F., Liu Y. & Tooker J. (2011)

Control of the pink bollworm in Egypt by mating disruption using pheromones

10th International Congress of Plant Protection: Plant Protection for Human Welfare, 20-25 November, 1983

Based on: McVeigh L.J., Critchley B.R. & Campion D.G. (1983)

Attract and reward: combining chemical ecology and habitat manipulation to enhance biological control in field crops

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Simpson M., Gurr G.M., Simmons A.T., Wratten S.D., James D.G, Leeson G., Nicol H.I. & Orre-Gordon G.U.S. (2011)

Alternative soil and pest management practices for sustainable production of fresh-market cabbage

Journal of Sustainable Agriculture

Based on: Roberts B.W. & Cartwright B. (1991)

Driving adoption of payments for ecosystem services through social marketing, Veracruz, Mexico

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Green K.M., DeWan A., Balcázar Arias A. & Hayden D. (2013)

Using social marketing to foster sustainable behaviour in traditional fishing communities of southwest Madagascar

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Andriamalala G., Peabody S., Gardner C.J. & Westerman K. (2013)

Influencing human behaviour: an underutilised tool for biodiversity management

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Veríssimo D. (2013)

The evaluation of microbial diversity in a vegetable based cropping system under organic farming practices

Applied Soil Ecology

Based on: Srivastava R., Roseti D. & Sharma a.K. (2007)

Agricultural intensification and de-intensification differentially affect taxonomic diversity of predatory mites, earthworms, enchytraeids, nematodes and bacteria

Applied Soil Ecology

Based on: Postma-Blaauw M.B., de Goede R.G.M., Bloem J., Faber J.H. & Brussaard L. (2012)

Assessment of handicaps owing to high input (HIP) farming on the soil macro-invertebrates diversity in sugarcane field

Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Science

Based on: Rana N., Rana S.A., Khan H.A. & Sohail A. (2010)

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