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Reintroduction of the green and golden bell frog Litoria aurea to Pambula on the south coast of New South Wales

Australian Zoologist

Based on: Daly G., Johnson P., Malolakis G., Hyatt A. & Pietsch R. (2008)

Rapid response mitigation to noctule Nyctalus noctula roost damage, Buckinghamshire, UK

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Damant C.J. & Dickins E.L. (2013)

The effect of grazing on biodiversity in coastal dune heathlands

Journal of Coastal Conservation

Based on: Damgaard C., Thomsen M.P., Borchsenius F., Nielsen K.E. & Strandberg M. (2013)

Effectiveness of dam construction to contain the invasive crayfish Procambarus clarkii in a Mediterranean mountain stream

Ecological Engineering

Based on: Dana E.D., García-de-Lomas J, González R & Ortega F (2011)

Does variation in garden characteristics influence the conservation of birds in suburbia?

Biological Conservation

Based on: Daniels G.D. & Kirkpatrick J.B. (2006)

Trophic look at soft-bottom communities — Short-term effects of trawling cessation on benthos

Based on: Dannheim J., Brey T., Schröder A., Mintenbeck K., Knust R. & Arntz W.E. (2014)

Cattle grazing facilitates tree regeneration in a conifer forest with palatable bamboo understory

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Darabant A., Rai P., Tenzin K., Roder W. & Gratzer G. (2007)

Soil structure stability under conventional and reduced tillage in a sandy loam


Based on: Daraghmeh O.A., Jensen J.R. & Petersen C.T. (2009)

Riparian forest strips as habitat for breeding birds in boreal forest

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Darveau M., Beauchesne P., Belanger L., Huot J. & Larue P. (1995)

Restoration of the mangrove vegetation in the Mahanadi delta, Orissa, India

Mangroves and Salt Marshes

Based on: Das P., Basak U.C. & Das A.B. (1997)

Effect of crop rotation with grain pearl millet on Pratylenchus penetrans and subsequent potato yields in Quebec


Based on: Dauphinais N., Belair G., Fournier Y. & Dangi O.P. (2005)

Entry Level Stewardship may enhance bird numbers in boundary habitats

Bird Study

Based on: Davey C.M., Vickery J.A., Boatman N.D., Chamberlain D.E. & Siriwardena G.M. (2010)

Assessing the impact of Entry Level Stewardship on lowland farmland birds in England


Based on: Davey C.M., Vickery J.A., Boatman N.D., Chamberlain D.E., Parry H.R. & Siriwardena G.M. (2010)

Growth of Atriplex amnicola on salt-affected soils at Tammin, Western Australia

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Davidson N.J., Galloway R. & Lazarescu G. (1996)

Conservation of primates in the Gola Forest Reserves, Sierra Leone

Primate Conservation

Based on: Davies A.G. (1987)

Clutch size and nesting sites of the mandarin duck Aix galericulata

Bird Study

Based on: Davies A.K. & Baggott G.K. (1989)

Effects of population density and body size on disease ecology of the European lobster in a temperate marine conservation zone.

ICES Journal of Marine Science

Based on: Davies C.E., Johnson A.F., Wootton E.C., Greenwood S.J., Clark K.F., Vogan C.L. & Rowley A.F. (2014)

A study of the pest status and control of maize stem borers on the Niassa Plateau, Mozambique

International Journal of Pest Management

Based on: Davies G. (1998)

Restoration of mountain big sagebrush steppe following prescribed burning to control Western Juniper

Environmental Management

Based on: Davies K.W., Bates J.D., Madsen M.D. & Nafus A.M. (2014)

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