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Linking 'citizen scientists' to professionals in ecological research, examples from Namibia and South Africa

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Araya Y.N., Schmiedel U. & von Witt C. (2009)

Effects of sandplain revegetation on avian abundance and diversity at Skogasandur and Myrdalssandur, South-Iceland

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Gunnarsson T.G. & Indridadottir G.H. (2009)

Effectiveness of head-starting to bolster Philippine crocodile Crocodylus mindorensis populations in San Mariano municipality, Luzon, Philippines

Conservation Evidence

Based on: van de Ven W.A.C. , Guerrero J.P., Rodriguez D.G., Telan S.P., Balbas M.G., Tarun B.A., van Weerd M., van der Ploeg J., Wijtten Z., Lindeyer F.E. & de Iongh H.H. (2009)

Grassland bird responses to land management in the largest remaining tallgrass prairie

Conservation Biology

Based on: Rahmig C.J., Jensen W.E. & With K.A. (2009)

Bird response to prescribed silvicultural treatments in bottomland hardwood forests

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Twedt D.J. & Somershoe S.G. (2009)

Environmental-friendly farming in Switzerland is not hornwort-friendly

Biological Conservation

Based on: Bisang I., Bergamini A. & Lienhard L. (2009)

No improvement of plant biodiversity in ditch banks after a decade of agri-environment schemes

Basic and Applied Ecology

Based on: Blomqvist M.M., Tamis W.L.M. & de Snoo G.R. (2009)

Do meadow birds profit from agri-environment schemes in Dutch agricultural landscapes?

Biological Conservation

Based on: Breeuwer A., Berendse F., Willems F., Foppen R., Teunissen W., Schekkerman H. & Goedhart P. (2009)

The effect of tillage type and cropping system on earthworm communities, macroporosity and water infiltration

Soil and Tillage Research

Based on: Capowiez Y., Cadoux S.P., Bouchant P., Ruy S.P., Roger-Estrade J., Richard G. & Boizard H. (2009)

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