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Artificial nest site preferences of black-capped chickadees

Journal of Field Ornithology

Based on: Cooper C. & Bonter D. (2008)

Latitudinal trends in within-year reoccupation of nest boxes and their implications

Journal of Avian Biology

Based on: Cooper C.B., Hochachka W.M. & Dhondt A.A. (2005)

Restoring the vegetation of mined peatlands in the southern Rocky Mountains of Colorado, USA

Restoration Ecology

Based on: Cooper D.J. & MacDonald L.H. (2000)

Induction of red-cockaded woodpecker group formation by artificial cavity construction

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Copeyon C.K., Walters J.R. & III J.H.C. (1991)

Effects of seasonal fire, bison grazing and climatic variation on tallgrass prairie vegetation

Plant Ecology

Based on: Coppedge B.R., Engle D.M., Toepfer C.S. & Shaw J.H. (1998)

Effectiveness of conservation measure on Montagu’s harriers in agricultural areas of Spain

Journal of Raptor Research

Based on: Corbacho C., Sanchez J.M. & Sanchez A. (1999)

Cotoneaster for bumblebees and honey bees

Journal of Apicultural Research

Based on: Corbet S.A. & Westgarth-Smith A. (1992)

Native or exotic? Double or single? Evaluating plants for pollinator-friendly gardens

Annals of Botany

Based on: Corbet S.A., Bee J., Dasmahapatra K., Gale S., Gorringe E., La Ferla B., Moorhouse T., Trevail A. & Van Bergen Y. and Vorontsova M. (2001)

Sand lizard species recovery programme project (1994-1997) (ENRR288)

Based on: Corbett K.F. & Moulton N.R. (1998)

Can carbon addition increase competitiveness of native grasses? A case study from California

Restoration Ecology

Based on: Corbin J.D. & D'Antonio C.M. (2004)

Flooding and grazing promote germination and seedling establishment in the perennial grass Paspalum dilatatum

Austral Ecology

Based on: Cornaglia P.S., Schrauf G.E. & Deregibu V.A. (2009)

Carcasses increase the probability of predation of ground-nesting birds: a caveat regarding the conservation value of vulture restaurants

Animal Conservation

Based on: Cortés-Avizanda A., Carrete M., Serrano D. & Donázar J.A. (2009)

Impacts of different agricultural practices on the biodiversity of microarthropod communities in arable crop systems

European Journal of Soil Biology

Based on: Cortet J., Ronce D., Poinsot-Balaguer N., Beaufreton C., Chabert A., Viaux P. & Fonseca J.P.C.D. (2002)

Influence of ground cover on spider populations in a table grape vineyard

Ecological Entomology

Based on: Costello M.J. & Daane K.M. (1998)

The reclamation of acidic colliery spoil. IV. The effects of limestone particle size and depth of incorporation

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Costigan P.A., Bradshaw A.D. & Gemmell R.P. (1984)

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