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Changes in bacterial community structure of agricultural land due to long-term organic and chemical amendments.

Microbial Ecology

Based on: Chaudhry V., Rehman A., Mishra A., Chauhan P.S. & Nautiyal C.S. (2012)

Manipulating the N release from N-rich crop residues by using organic wastes on soils with different textures

Soil Use and Management

Based on: Chaves B., De Neve S., Piulats L.M., Boeckx P., Van Cleemput O. & Hofman G. (2007)

Effects of prescribed fires on habitat use by wintering raptors on a Texas barrier island grassland

Journal of Raptor Research

Based on: Chavez-Ramirez F. & Prieto F.G. (1994)

Use of sorghum allelopathic properties to control weeds in irrigated wheat in a semi arid region of Punjab

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Cheema Z.A. & Khaliq A. (2000)

Impact of land management practices on soilborne pests and productivity of tomato

2005 Annual International Research Conference on Methyl Bromide Alternatives and Emissions Reductions, 31st October-3rd November, 2005

Based on: Chellemi D.O., Rosskopf E.N., Wu T., Graham J. & Martin K. (2005)

Efficacy of a probiotic bacterium to treat bats affected by the disease white-nose syndrome

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Cheng T.L., Mayberry H., McGuire L.P., Hoyt J.R., Langwig K.E., Nguyen |H., Parise K.L., Foster J.T., Willis C.K.R., Kilpatrick A.M. & Frick W.F. (2017)

Interactions between longline vessels and seabirds in Kerguelen waters and a method to reduce seabird mortality

Biological Conservation

Based on: Cherel Y., Weimerskirch H. & Duhamel G. (1996)

Dynamics and control of the Asiatic clam in the New River, Virginia

Bulletin of the Virginia Water Resources Center

Based on: Cherry D.S., Rodgers J.H, Graney R.L. & Cairns J. (1980)

Hoolock gibbon conservation in India

Gibbon Journal

Based on: Chetry D. & Chetry R. (2011)

Biology and behaviour of reintroduced gibbons

Biodiversity and Conservation

Based on: Cheyne S.M., Chivers D.J. & Sugardjito J. (2008)

A translocation experiment for the conservation of maned sloths, Bradypus torquatus (Xenarthra, Bradypodidae)

Biological Conservation

Based on: Chiarello A.G, Chivers D.J., Bassi C., Amelia M., Maciel F., Moreira L.S. & Bazzalo M. (2004)

Ecological characterization of dredged and non-dredged bivalve fishing areas off south Portugal

Based on: Chícharo L., Chícharo A., Gaspar M., Alves F. & Regala J. (2002)

Treatment of Crassula helmsii - A case study

Plant Invasions: General Aspects and Special Problems

Based on: Child L.E. & Spencer-Jones D. (1995)

Rapid in vitro propagation of Premna serratifolia, a medicinally important declining shrub, India

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Chinnappan R.S., Ruthar N. & Sethu S.S. (2011)

Sphagnum establishment on bare peat: the importance of climatic variability and Sphagnum species richness

Applied Vegetation Science

Based on: Chirino C., Campeau S. & Rochefort L. (2006)

Responses of songbirds to magpie reduction in an urban habitat

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Chiron F.O. & Julliard R. (2007)

Large-scale field trials with conservation headlands in Sweden

British Crop Protection Council Monographs

Based on: Chiverton P.A. (1994)

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