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Egg size, egg composition and reproductive success in the oystercatcher Haematopus ostralegus


Based on: Jager T.D., Hulscher J.B. & Kersten M. (2000)

Vegetation dynamics from annually burning tallgrass prairie in different seasons

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Towne E.G. & Kemp K.E. (2003)

Use of underwater playback to reduce the impact of eiders on mussel farms

ICES Journal of Marine Science

Based on: Ross B.P., Lien J. & Furness R.W. (2001)

Conditions for the fungus Fusarium tumidum to infect and cause severe disease on non-native gorse Ulex europaeus in a controlled environment, New Zealand

Biocontrol Science and Technology

Based on: Morin L., Gianotti A.F., Barker R. & Johnston P.R. (1998)

Colonization of wild herbs by insects in sown and naturally developed field margin strips and in cereal fields

Verhandlungen der Gesellschaft fur Okologie

Based on: Denys C., Tscharntke T. & Fischer R. (1997)

Use of riparian buffer strips as movement corridors by forest birds

Conservation Biology

Based on: Machtans C.S., Villard M.A. & Hannon S.J. (1996)

The effects of different hedge restoration strategies on biodiversity

Aspects of Applied Biology

Based on: McAdam J.H., Bell A.C. & Gilmore C. (1996)

Lemur leaf frog update

Amphibian Ark Newsletter

Based on: Gray A.R. (2011)

A three-year project for the management and the conservation of amphibians in Northern Italy


Based on: Gentilli A., Scali S., Barbieri F. & Bernini F. (2002)

Well-placed bat houses can attract bats to Central Valley farms

California Agriculture

Based on: Long R.F., Kiser W.M. & Kiser S.B. (2006)

Sugar maple and yellow birch regeneration in response to canopy opening, liming and vegetation control in a temperate deciduous forest of Quebec

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Gasser D., Messier C., Beaudet M. & Lechowicz M.J. (2010)

Towards a more sustainable fertilization: Combined use of compost and inorganic fertilization for tomato cultivation

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Hernandez T., Chocano C., Moreno J. & Garcia C. (2014)

Grassland compost amendments increase plant production without changing plant communities


Based on: Ryals R., Eviner V.T., Stein C., Suding K.N. & Silver W.L. (2016)

The Effects of Long Time Conservation of Heavily Grazed Shrubland: A Case Study in the Northern Negev, Israel

Environmental Management

Based on: Leu S., Mussery A. & Budovsky A. (2014)

Vegetation re-development after fen meadow restoration by topsoil removal and hay transfer

Restoration Ecology

Based on: Klimkowska A., Kotowski W., Van Diggelen R., Dzierża P. & Brzezińska K. (2010)

Thinning of young Douglas-fir forests decreases density of northern flying squirrels in the Oregon Cascades

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Manning T., Hagar J.C. & McComb B.C. (2012)

Nonlethal techniques for managing predation: primary and secondary repellents

Conservation Biology

Based on: Shivik J.A., , & Callahan P. (2003)

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