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Does bivalve mollusc polyculture reduce marine fin fish farming environmental impact?


Based on: Navarrete-Mier F., Sanz-Lázaro C. & Marín A. (2010)

Growth, flesh adiposity and fatty acid composition of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) families with contrasting flesh adiposity: Effects of replacement of dietary fish oil with vegetable oils


Based on: Bell J.G., Pratoomyot J., Strachan F., Henderson R.J., Fontanillas R., Hebard A., Guy D.R., Hunter D. & Tocher D.R. (2010)

High inclusion of partially deshelled and whole krill meals in diets for Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)


Based on: Hansen J.Ø., Penn M., Øverland M., Shearer K.D., Krogdahl Å., Mydland L.T. & Storebakken T. (2010)

Prescribed fires as ecological surrogates for wildfires: a stream and riparian perspective

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Arkle R.S. & Pilliod D.S. (2010)

Lessons learned from a series of translocations of the archaic Hamilton’s frog and Maud Island frog in central New Zealand

Global Re-introduction Perspectives: 2010. Additional case studies from around the globe

Based on: Bell B.D., Bishop P.J. & Germano J.M. (2010)

Treatment of chytridiomycosis requires urgent clinical trials

Diseases of Aquatic Organisms

Based on: Berger L., Speare R., Pessier A., Voyles J. & Skerratt L.F. (2010)

Digging ponds on grey dune in Gironde: importance for amphibians and new distribution data

Bulletin de la Societe Herpetologique de France

Based on: Berroneau M., Miaud C. & Bernaud J.-P. (2010)

Terbinafine hydrochloride in ethanol effectively clears Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in amphibians

Journal of Herpetological Medicine and Surgery

Based on: Bowerman J., Rombough C., Weinstock S.R. & Padgett-Flohr G.E. (2010)

Effects of fire and cattle grazing on amphibians and lizards in northeastern Argentina (Humid Chaco)

European Journal of Wildlife Research

Based on: Cano P.D. & Leynaud G.C. (2010)

Woodland salamander response to two prescribed fires in the central Appalachians

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Ford W.M., Rodrigue J.L., Rowan E.L., Castleberry S.B. & Schuler T.M. (2010)

2010 Overview

Based on: FrogWatch USA . (2010)

Observations on the captive reproduction of the horned marsupial frog Gastrotheca cornuta (Boulenger 1898)

Herpetological Review

Based on: Gagliardo R., Griffith E., Hill R., Ross H., Mendelson J., Timpe E. & Wilson B. (2010)

Reintroduction of the natterjack toad in the UK

Global Re-introduction Perspectives: 2010. Additional case studies from around the globe

Based on: Griffiths R.A., McGrath A. & Buckley J. (2010)

Assessment of re-introduction methods for the southern corroboree frog in the Snowy Mountains region of Australia

Global Re-introduction Perspectives: 2010. Additional case studies from around the globe

Based on: Hunter H., Marantelli G., McFadden M., Harlow P., Scheele B. & Pietsch R. (2010)

Hydrology, physiochemistry, and amphibians in natural and created vernal pool wetlands

Restoration Ecology

Based on: Korfel C.A., Mitsch W.J., Hetherington T.E. & Mack J.J. (2010)

Recovery of anuran community diversity following habitat replacement

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Lesbarrères D., Fowler M.S., Pagano A. & Lodé T. (2010)

Emergency medicine for frogs


Based on: Lubick N. (2010)

Motility and cryopreservation of spermatozoa of European common frog, Rana temporaria


Based on: Mansour N., Lahnsteiner F. & Patzner R.A. (2010)

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