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Fishing-gear restrictions and conservation of benthic habitat complexity

Based on: Kaiser M.J., Spence F.E. & Hart P.J.B. (2000)

Biological effects within no-take marine reserves: a global synthesis

Based on: Lester S., Halpern B., Grorud-Colvert K., Lubchenco J., Ruttenberg B., Gaines S., Airamé S. & Warner R. (2009)

The environmental impacts of three different queen scallop (Aequipecten opercularis) fishing gears

Based on: Hinz H., Murray L.G., Malcolm F.R. & Kaiser M.J. (2012)

Colonization of an artificial reef in south-west England—ex-HMS ‘Scylla’

Based on: Hiscock K., Sharrock S., Highfield J. & Snelling D. (2010)

Sessile and mobile components of a benthic ecosystem display mixed trends within a temperate marine reserve

Based on: Howarth L.M., Pickup S.E., Evans L.E., Cross T.J., Hawkins J.P., Roberts C.M. & Stewart B.D. (2015)

Trade-offs in marine protection: multispecies interactions within a community-led temperate marine reserve

Based on: Howarth L.M., Dubois P., Gratton P., Judge M., Christie B., Waggitt J.J., Hawkins J.P., Roberts C.M. & Stewart B.D. (2017)

Can giant clam (Tridacna squamosa) populations be restored on Singapore's heavily impacted coral reefs?

Based on: Guest J.R., Todd P.A., Goh E., Sivalonganathan B.S. & Reddy K.P. (2008)

Mobile fishing gear reduces benthic megafaunal production on Georges Bank

Based on: Hermsen J., Collie J. & Valentine P. (2003)

Effects of scallop dredging on temperate reef fauna

Based on: Hinz H., Tarrant D., Ridgeway A., Kaiser M. & Hiddink J. (2011)

Conservation benefits of marine reserves are undiminished near coastal rivers and cities

Based on: Huijbers C.M., Connolly R.M., Pitt K.A., Schoeman D.S., Schlacher T.A., Burfeind D.D., Steele C., Olds A.D., Maxwell P.S., Babcock R.C. & Rissik D. (2015)

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