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A philosophy of habitat management for northern bobwhites

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Guthery F.S. (1997)

A review of the success of major crane conservation techniques

Bird Conservation International

Based on: Davis C. (1998)

Annual and seasonal trends in the use of garden feeders by birds in winter


Based on: Chamberlain D.E., Vickery J.A., Glue D.E., Robinson R.A., Conway G.J., Woodburn R.J.W. & Cannon A.R. (2005)

Birds in European gardens in the winter and spring of 1988-89

Bird Study

Based on: Thompson P.S., Greenwood J.J.D. & Greenaway K. (1993)

Bone crushing carnivores and their significance to osteodystrophy in griffon vulture chicks

Journal of Zoology

Based on: Richardson P.R.K., Mundy P.J. & Plug I. (1986)

Calcium Availability Affects Bone Growth in Nestlings of Free-Living Great Tits (Parus Major), as Detected by Plasma Alkaline Phosphatase

Journal of Zoology

Based on: Tilgar V., Mand R., Ots L., Magi M., Kilgas P. & Reynolds S.J. (2004)

Calcium Availability Limits Breeding Success of Passerines on Poor Soils

Journal of Animal Ecology

Based on: Graveland J. & Drent R.H. (1997)

Calcium deficiency in black terns Chlidonias niger nesting on acid bogs


Based on: Beintema A.J., Baarspul T. & de Krijger J.P. (1997)

Calcium shortage as a constraint on reproduction in great tits Parus major: a field experiment

Journal of Avian Biology

Based on: Tilgar V., Mänd R. & Mägi M. (2002)

Calcium supplementation of breeding birds: directions for future research


Based on: Reynolds S.J., Mänd R. & Tilgar V. (2004)

Can supplemental foraging perches enhance habitat for endangered San Clemente loggerhead shrikes?

Wilson Journal of Ornithology

Based on: Lynn S., Martin J.A. & Garcelon D.K. (2006)

Carcasses increase the probability of predation of ground-nesting birds: a caveat regarding the conservation value of vulture restaurants

Animal Conservation

Based on: Cortés-Avizanda A., Carrete M., Serrano D. & Donázar J.A. (2009)

Clutch size and laying date in the kestrel Falco tinnunculus: effect of supplementary food


Based on: Dijkstra C., Vuursteen L., Daan S. & Masman D. (1982)

Concentration-dependent sugar preferences of the malachite sunbird (Nectarinia famosa)

The Auk

Based on: Brown M., Downs C.T. & Johnson S.D. (2010)

Covey-oriented partridge management in France

Biological Conservation

Based on: Westerskov K.E. (1977)

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