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Determinants of survival for the northern brown bandicoot under a landscape-scale fire experiment

Journal of Animal Ecology

Based on: Pardon L.G., Brook B.W., Griffiths A.D. & Braithwaite R.W. (2003)

Effects of cutting Ashe juniper woodlands on small mammal populations in the Texas hill country (USA)

Natural Areas Journal

Based on: Schnepf K.A., Heselmeyer J.A. & Ribble D.O. (1998)

Effects of prescribed fire, supplemental feeding, and mammalian predator exclusion on hispid cotton rat populations


Based on: Morris G., Hostetler J.A., Conner L.M. & Oli M.K. (2011)

Effects of wildfires and post-fire forest treatments on rabbit abundance

European Journal of Wildlife Research

Based on: Rollan A. & Real J. (2011)

Population size and artificial waterhole use by striped hyenas in the Dana Biosphere Reserve, Jordan


Based on: Attum O., Rosenbarger D., Al awaji M., Kramer A. & Eida E. (2017)

Preliminary effects of fire and mechanical fuel treatments on the abundance of small mammals in the mixed-conifer forest of the Sierra Nevada

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Amacher A.J., Barrett R.H., Moghaddas J.J. & Stephens S.L. (2008)

Response of bighorn sheep to clear-cut logging and rescribed burning

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Smith T.S., Hardin P.J. & Flinders J.T. (1999)

Sex-specific responses of North American elk to habitat manipulation

Journal of Mammalogy

Based on: Long R.A., Rachlow J.L. & Kie J.G. (2009)

Short-term response of shrews to prescribed fire and mechanical fuel reduction in a Southern Appalachian upland hardwood forest

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Greenberg C.H., Miller S. & Waldrop T.A. (2007)

Small mammal population and habitat responses to forest thinning and prescribed fire

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Converse S.J., Block W.M. & White G.C. (2006)

Small mammal response to pine-grassland restoration for red-cockaded woodpeckers

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Masters R.E., Lochmiller R.L., McMurry S.T. & Bukenhofer G.A. (1998)

Wildlife responses to thinning and burning treatments in southwestern conifer forests: A meta-analysis

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Kalies E.L., Chambers C.L. & Covington W.W. (2010)

Wildlife water utilization and importance of artificial waterholes during dry season at Ruaha National Park, Tanzania

Wetlands Ecology and Management

Based on: Epaphras A.M., Gereta E., Lejora I.A., Ole M.G.E., Ng’umbi G., Kiwango Y., Mwangomo E., Semanini F., Vitalis L., Balozi J. & Mtahiko M.G.G. (2008)

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