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Above-and belowground responses to tree thinning depend on the treatment of tree debris

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Owen S.M., Sieg C.H., Gehring C.A. & Bowker M.A. (2009)

Above-ground production in cleared and thinned stands of semiarid tropical woodland, Brazil

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Schacht W.H., Long J.N. & Malechek J.C. (1988)

Alternative silvicultural practices with variable retention to improve understory plant diversity conservation in southern Patagonian forests

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Lencinas M.V., Pastur G.M., Gallo E. & Cellini J.M. (2011)

Aspen canopy removal and root trenching effects on understory vegetation

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Powell G.W. & Bork E.W. (2006)

Beyond reduced-impact logging: silvicultural treatments to increase growth rates of tropical trees

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Peña-Claros M., Fredericksen T.S., Alarcón A., Blate G., Choque U., Leaño C., Licona J., Mostacedo B., Pariona W. & Villegas Z. (2008)

Canopy tree growth responses following selection harvest in seven species varying in shade tolerance

Canadian Journal of Forest Research

Based on: Jones T.A., Domke G.M. & Thomas S.C. (2009)

Changes in stand structure and composition after restoration treatments in low elevation dry forests of northeastern Oregon

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Youngblood A., Metlen K.L. & Coe K. (2006)

Differences in the structure, species composition and diversity of primary and harvested forests on Changbai Mountain, Northeast China

Journal of Forest Science

Based on: Su D., Yu D., Zhou L.I., Xie X., Liu Z. & Dai L. (2010)

Differential diameter-size effects of forest management on tree species richness and community structure: implications for conservation

Biodiversity and Conservation

Based on: Gutiérrez-Granados G., Pérez-Salicrup D.R. & Dirzo R. (2011)

Do different logging strategies influence the abundance of epiphytic chlorolichens?

The Lichenologist

Based on: Hilmo O., HYTTEBORN H. & HOLIEN H. (2005)

Effect of burnt wood removal on the natural regeneration of Pinus halepensis after fire in a pine forest in Tus valley (SE Spain)

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Martı́nez-Sánchez J.J., Ferrandis P., De L.H.J. & Herranz J.M. (1999)

Effect of fuel treatments on fuels and potential fire behavior in California, USA, national forests

Fire Ecology

Based on: Vaillant N.M., Fites-Kaufman J., Reiner A.L., Noonan-Wright E.K. & Dailey S.N. (2009)

Effect of gap size created by thinning on seedling emergency, survival and establishment in a coastal pine forest

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Zhu J., Matsuzaki T., Lee F. & Gonda Y. (2003)

Effect of selective logging on canopy and stand structure and tree species composition in a lowland dipterocarp forest in peninsular Malaysia

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Okuda T., Suzuki M., Adachi N., Quah E.S., Hussein N.A. & Manokaran N. (2003)

Effect of silvicultural system on vascular flora in a wet sclerophyll forest in south-eastern Tasmania

Australian Forestry

Based on: Wapstra M., Duncan F., Williams K. & Walsh D. (2003)

Effects of disturbance intensity on species and functional diversity in a tropical forest

Journal of Ecology

Based on: Carreño‐Rocabado G., Peña‐Claros M., Bongers F., Alarcón A., Licona J. & Poorter L. (2012)

Effects of fuels reductions on plant communities and soils in a piñon-juniper woodland

Journal of Arid Environments

Based on: Ross M., Castle S. & Barger N. (2012)

Effects of prescribed fire and thinning on the spatial heterogeneity of the seed bank in a mixed oak forest

Natural Areas Journal

Based on: Schelling L.R. & McCarthy B.C. (2007)

Effects of prescribed fire and thinning on tree recruitment patterns in central hardwood forests

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Albrecht M.A. & McCarthy B.C. (2006)

Effects of retention harvests on structure of old-growth Pinus strobus L. stands in Ontario

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Bebber D., Cole W., Thomas S., Balsillie D. & Duinker P. (2005)

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