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Creating refuges for the axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum)

Ecological Restoration

Based on: Valiente E., Tovar A., Gonzalez H., Eslava-Sandoval D. & Zambrano L. (2010)

Effect of pest-management operations on the abundance and size-frequency distribution of the New Zealand endemic frog Leiopelma hochstetteri

New Zealand Journal of Zoology

Based on: Nájero-Hilman E., King P., Alfaro A.C. & Breen B.B. (2009)

Enhancing amphibian biodiversity on golf courses with seasonal wetlands

Urban Herpetology

Based on: Scott D.E., Metts B.S. & Whitfield Gibbons J. (2008)

Increasing populations of the green toad Bufo viridis due to a pond project on the island of Samsø

Memoranda Societatis pro Fauna et Flora Fennica

Based on: Amtkjær J. (1995)

Invasive species shifts ontogenetic resource partitioning and microhabitat use of a threatened native amphibian

Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems

Based on: D’Amore A., Kirby E. & McNicholas M. (2009)

Lessons learned from a series of translocations of the archaic Hamilton’s frog and Maud Island frog in central New Zealand

Global Re-introduction Perspectives: 2010. Additional case studies from around the globe

Based on: Bell B.D., Bishop P.J. & Germano J.M. (2010)

Newt-fish interactions in a small forest lake


Based on: Aronsson S. & Stenson J.A.E. (1995)

Re-introductions of Chiricahua leopard frogs in southwestern USA show promise, but highlight problematic threats and knowledge gaps

Global Re-introduction Perspectives: 2011. More case studies from around the globe

Based on: Sredl M.J., Akins C.M., King A.D., Sprankle T., Jones T.R., Rorabaugh J.C., Jennings R.D., Painter C.W., Christman M.R., Christman B.L., Crawford C., Servoss J.M., Kruse C.G., Barnitz J. & Telles A. (2011)

Removal of nonnative fish results in population expansion of a declining amphibian (mountain yellow-legged frog, Rana muscosa)

Biological Conservation

Based on: Knapp R.A., Boiano D.M. & Vredenburg V.T. (2007)

Response of California red-legged frogs to removal of non-native fish

Transactions of the Western Section of the Wildlife Society

Based on: Alvarez J.A., Dunn C. & Zuur A.F. (2002)

Responses of a pond-breeding amphibian community to the experimental removal of predatory fish

American Midland Naturalist

Based on: Walston L.J. & Mullin S.J. (2007)

Responses of Ambystoma gracile to the removal of introduced non-native fish from a mountain lake

Journal of Herpetology

Based on: Hoffman R.L., Larson G.L. & Samora B. (2004)

Restoring ponds for amphibians: a success story


Based on: Rannap R., Lõhmus A. & Briggs L. (2009)

Reversing introduced species effects: experimental removal of introduced fish leads to rapid recovery of a declining frog

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA

Based on: Vredenburg V.T. (2004)

Rotenone and its use in eradication of undesirable fish from ponds

Pakistan Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research

Based on: Haque K.A. (1971)

Using Rotenone to enhance native amphibian breeding habitat in ponds

Ecological Restoration

Based on: Mullin S.J., Towey J.B. & Szafoni R.E (2004)

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