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Fertility and hatchability of falcon eggs after insemination with frozen peregrine falcon semen

Journal of Raptor Research

Based on: Parks J. & Hardaswick V. (1987)

Growth of body components in parent-and hand-reared captive kestrels

Raptor Research

Based on: Bird D.M. & Clark R.G. (1983)

Growth of nestlings of the blue-fronted amazon (Amazona aestiva) raised in the wild or in captivity

Ornitologi­a Neotropical

Based on: Seixas G.H.F. & Mourão G. (2003)

Hand-reared loggerhead shrikes breed in captivity

The Condor

Based on: Cade T.J. (1992)

Hand-Rearing Corvids for Reintroduction: Importance of Feeding Regime, Nestling Growth, and Dominance

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Whitmore K.D. & Marzluff J.M. (1998)

Implementing artificial insemination as an effective tool for ex situ conservation of endangered avian species


Based on: Blanco J.M., Wildt D.E., Holfe U., Voelker W. & Donoghue A.M. (2009)

Inbreeding and loss of genetic variation in a reintroduced population of Mauritius kestrel

Conservation Biology

Based on: Ewing S.R., Nager R.G., Nicoll M.A.C., Jones C. G. & Keller L.F. (2008)

Intensive management of a critically endangered species: the kakapo

Biological Conservation

Based on: Elliott G.P., Merton D.V. & Jansen W.P. (2001)

Natural breeding of Accipiter fasciatus in captivity

Raptor Research

Based on: Olsen J. & Olsen P. (1981)

Post-fledging dependence and dispersal in hacked and wild Montagu's harriers Circus pygargus


Based on: Amar A., Arroyo B.E. & Bretagnolle V. (2000)

Post-release survival of hand-reared and parent-reared Mississippi sandhill cranes

The Condor

Based on: Ellis D.H., Gee G.F., Hereford S.G., Olsen G.H., Chisolm T.D., Nicolich J.M., Sullivan K.A., Thomas N.J., Nagendran M. & Hatfield J.S. (2000)

Post-release survival of rehabilitated African penguins

Rehabilitation of oiled African Penguins: a conservation success story

Based on: Whittington P.A. (2003)

Producing progeny from endangered birds of prey: treatment of urine-contaminated semen and a novel intramagnal insemination approach

Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine

Based on: Blanco J.M., Gee G.F., Wildt D.E. & Donoghue A.M. (2002)

Progress in restoration of the Mauritius kestrel

Conservation Biology

Based on: Cade T.J. & Jones C.G. (1993)

Reintroduction of hand-reared alala Corvus hawaiiensis in Hawaii


Based on: Kuehler C., Harrity P., Lieberman A. & Kuhn M. (1995)

Releasing captive-reared Andean condors to the wild

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Wallace M.P. & Temple S.A. (1987)

Reproduction of prairie falcons by artificial insemination

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Boyd L.L., Boyd N.S. & Dobler F.C. (1977)

Reproductive manipulation in the whooping crane Grus americana

Bird Conservation International

Based on: Kuyt E. (1996)

Restoration of Chlamydotis undulata macqueenii (Houbara Bustard) Populations in Saudi Arabia: A Progress Report

Restoration Ecology

Based on: Jaime M.S., Combreau O., Seddon P.J., Paillat P. & van Heezik Y. (1996)

Restoration of houbara bustard populations in Saudi Arabia: developments and future directions


Based on: Seddon P.J., Saint Jalme M., van Heezik Y., Paillat P., Gaucher P. & Combreau O. (1995)

Storks: status, conservation and captive breeding

Colonial Waterbirds

Based on: Johnson R.E., Coulter M.C., Luthin C.S., King C.E. & Valenzuela A.J. (1987)

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