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Grassland habitat translocation: the case of Brocks Farm, Devon (ENRR304)

Based on: Jefferson R.G., Gibson C.W.D., Leach S.J., Pulteney C.M., Wolton R. & Robertson H.J. (1999)

Reintroducing the White-clawed Crayfish Austropotamobius pallipes (IN109)

Based on: Kemp E., Birkinshaw N., Peay S. & Hiley P.D. (2003)

The use of Woodland Grant Schemes on Sites of Special Scientific Interest (ENRR282)

Based on: Kirby K.J., Reid C.M., Soden D., Currie F., Edwards K. & Pryor S. (1998)

Spartina anglica: a review of its status, dynamics and management (ENRR527)

Based on: Lacambra C., Cutts N., Allen J., Burd F. & Elliott M. (2004)

Impacts of livestock grazing on lowland heathland (ENRR422)

Based on: Lake S., Bullock J.M. & Hartley S. (2001)

East Anglian Fen Invertebrate Survey: English Nature Research Report (ENRR477)

Based on: Lott D.A., Procter D.A. & Foster A.P. (2002)

Translocation of vendace from Derwentwater to safe refuge locations (ENRR635)

Based on: Lyle A.A., Maitland P.S. & Winfield I.J. (2005)

Integrated farming and biodiversity (ENRR634)

Based on: Berry P., Ogilvy S. & Gardner S. (2004)

Sand lizard species recovery programme project (1994-1997) (ENRR288)

Based on: Corbett K.F. & Moulton N.R. (1998)

Sustainable management systems for unimproved neutral grassland - Project BD1460: Final Report to DEFRA/Natural England (RP00200)

Based on: Institute of Grassland and Environment Research (IGER) & North Wyke Research (2013)

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