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Yields of hawthorn Crataegus monogyna berries under different hedgerow management

Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment

Based on: Sparks T.H. & Martin T. (1999)

Yield and water use efficiency of barley in a semiarid Mediterranean agroecosystem: Long-term effects of tillage and N fertilization

Soil & Tillage Research

Based on: Morell F.J., Lampurlanés J., Álvaro-Fuentes J. & Cantero-Martínez C. (2011)

Yield and environmental effects of summer pig slurry applications to irrigated alfalfa under mediterranean conditions

Agronomy Journal

Based on: Salmerón M., Cavero J., Delgado I. & Isla R. (2010)

Yellow warbler (Dendroica petechia) breeding success in relation to shiny cowbird (Molothrus bonariensis) brood parasitism in Boqueron, Puerto Rico

Ornitologi­a Neotropical

Based on: Vincenty M., Tossas A.G., Bird-Pico F.J., Lopez-Ortiz R. & Ventosa-Febles E.A (2009)

Year-dependent sex-biased mortality in supplementary-fed Tengmalm's owl nestlings

Journal of Animal Ecology

Based on: Hipkiss T., Hörnfeldt B., Eklund U. & Berlin S. (2002)

Wyoming Big Sagebrush Density: Effects of Seeding Rates and Grass Competition

Restoration Ecology

Based on: Williams M.I., Schuman G.E., Hild A.L. & Vicklund L.E. (2002)

Woody vegetation response to various burning regimes in South Texas

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Ruthven III I.D.C., Braden A.W., Knutson H.J., Gallagher J.F. & Synatzske D.R. (2003)

Woody plant regeneration after blowdown, salvage logging, and prescribed fire in a northern Minnesota forest

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Palik B. & Kastendick D. (2009)

Woody plant invasion of unburned Kansas bluestem prairie

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Bragg T.B. & Hulbert L.C. (1976)

Woodpecker excavation and use of cavities in polystyrene snags

Wilson Bulletin

Based on: Conner R.N. & Saenz D. (1996)

Woodland salamander response to two prescribed fires in the central Appalachians

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Ford W.M., Rodrigue J.L., Rowan E.L., Castleberry S.B. & Schuler T.M. (2010)

Woodland regeneration in relation to grazing and fencing in Coed Gorswen, North Wales

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Linhart Y.B. & Whelan R.J. (1980)

Woodland loss and restoration in a savannah park: a 20 year experiment

African Journal of Ecology

Based on: Western D. & Maitumo D. (2004)

Woodland loss and restoration in a savannah park: a 20 year experiment

African Journal of Ecology

Based on: Western D. & Maitumo D. (2004)

Wooden poles can provide habitat connectivity for a gliding mammal

Australian Mammalogy

Based on: Goldingay R.L., Taylor B.D. & Ball T. (2011)

Wood thrush movements and habitat use: effects of forest management for red-cockaded woodpeckers

The Auk

Based on: Lang J.D., Powell L.A., Krementzet D.G. & Conroy M.J. (2002)

Wood duck nesting box usage in Connecticut

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Frank W.J. (1948)

Wolf recovery and population dynamics in Western Poland, 2001-2012

Mammal Research

Based on: Nowak S. & Mysłajek R.W. (2016)

Wolf predation on cattle in Portugal: Assessing the effects of husbandry systems

Biological Conservation

Based on: Pimenta V., Barros I., Boitani L. & Beja P. (2017)

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