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Restoration of the red wolf

Based on: Phillips M.K., Henry V.G. & Kelly B.T. (2003)

Wolf predation on cattle in Portugal: Assessing the effects of husbandry systems

Biological Conservation

Based on: Pimenta V., Barros I., Boitani L. & Beja P. (2017)

Habitat manipulation for reestablishment of Utah prairie dogs In Capitol Reef National Park

Great Basin Naturalist

Based on: Player R.L. & Urness P.J. (1982)

Black bear exclusion fences to protect mobile apiaries

Human Wildlife Interactions

Based on: Otto T.E. & Roloff G.J. (2015)

Small mammal use of field borders planted as beneficial insect habitat

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Moorman C.E., Plush C.J., Orr D.B., Reberg‐Horton C. & Gardner B. (2013)

Can predator avoidance training improve reintroduction outcomes for the greater bilby in arid Australia?

Animal Behaviour

Based on: Moseby K.E., Cameron A. & Crisp H.A. (2012)

Native wildlife use of highway underpasses in a desert environment

The Southwestern Naturalist

Based on: Murphy-Mariscal M.L., Barrows C.W. & Allen M.F. (2015)

Wolf depredation trends and the use of fladry barriers to protect livestock in western North America

Conservation Biology

Based on: Musiani M., Mamo C., Boitani L., Callaghan C., Gates C.C., Mattei L., Visalberghi E., Breck S. & Volpi G. (2003)

Electric fences for reducing sheep losses to predators

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Nass R.D. & Theade J. (1988)

Living with the modern conservation paradigm: can agricultural communities co-exist with elephants? A five-year case study in East Caprivi, Namibia

Biological Conservation

Based on: O'Connell-Rodwell C.E., Rodwell T., Rice M. & Hart L.A. (2000)

Limiting depredation by African carnivores: the role of livestock husbandry

Conservation Biology

Based on: Ogada M.O., Woodroffe R., Oguge N.O. & Frank L.G. (2003)

Nongame wildlife responses to chaining of pinyon-juniper woodlands

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: O'Meara T.E., Haufler J.B., Stelter L.H. & Nagy J.G. (1981)

Efficacy of electronet fencing for excluding coyotes: a case study for enhancing production of black-footed ferrets

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Matchett M.R., Breck S.W. & Callon J. (2013)

Translocations and fauna reconstruction sites: Western Shield review-February 2003

Conservation Science Western Australia

Based on: Mawson P.R. (2004)

Does aversive conditioning reduce human-black bear conflict?

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Mazur R.L. (2010)

Dead or alive? Comparing costs and benefits of lethal and non-lethal human-wildlife conflict mitigation on livestock farms


Based on: McManus J.S., Dickman A.J., Gaynor D., Smuts B.H. & Macdonald B.W. (2015)

Effectiveness of ledges in culverts for small mammal passage. Report No. CDOT-2007-9

Based on: Meaney C.A., Bakeman M., Reed-Eckert M. & Wostl E. (2007)

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