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Effect of prescribed burning on placement of sage sparrow nests

The Condor

Based on: Winter B.M. & Best L.B. (1985)

Light attraction in endangered procellariiform birds: reduction by shielding upward radiation

The Auk

Based on: Reed J.R., Sincock J.L. & Hailman J.P. (1985)

Masculinisation of leatherback turtle Dermochelys coriacea hatchlings from eggs incubated in styrofoam boxes

Biological Conservation

Based on: Dutton P.H., Whitmore C.P. & Mrosovsky N. (1985)

The use of Krenite to control birch on lowland heaths

Biological Conservation

Based on: Marrs R.H. (1985)

Control of the Indian mongoose Herpestes auropunctatus on St John, US Virgin Islands

Biological Conservation

Based on: Coblentz B.E. & Coblentz B.A. (1985)

Infertility, embryonic mortality and nest-site selection in leatherback and green sea turtles in Suriname

Biological Conservation

Based on: Whitmore C.P. & Dutton P.H. (1985)

A candidate legume pollinator, Osmia sanrafaelae Parker (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae)

Journal of Apicultural Research

Based on: Parker F.D. (1985)

Storage and incubation in the management of the alfalfa-pollinating bee Megachile flavipes Spinola

Journal of Apicultural Research

Based on: Kapil R.P. & Sihag R.C. (1985)

Studies on management of the sunflower leafcutter bee Eumegachile pugnata (Say) (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae)

Journal of Apicultural Research

Based on: Parker F.D. & Frohlich D.R. (1985)

Habitat and snag selection by woodpeckers in a clear-cut: an analysis using artificial snags

Wilson Bulletin

Based on: Petit K.E., Grubb T.C. Jr. & Reichhardt L.J. (1985)

Use of sounds and decoys to attract herons to a colony site

Colonial Waterbirds

Based on: Dusi J.L. (1985)

Prescribed burning in the Loess Hills mixed prairie southern Nebraska

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Schacht W. & Stubbendieck J. (1985)

Discing and seeding effects on sod bound mixed prairie

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Hart M., Waller S.S., Lowry S.R. & Gates R.N. (1985)

Green needlegrass seedling morphology in relation to planting depth

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Fulbright T.E., Wilson A.M. & Redente E.F. (1985)

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