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Effects of an area closed to fisheries on the composition of the benthic fauna in the southern North Sea

Based on: Duineveld G.C.A., Bergman M.J.N. & Lavaleye M.S.S. (2007)

Detecting human mitigation intervention: Effects of sewage treatment upgrade on rocky macrofaunal assemblages

Based on: Bustamante M., Bevilacqua S., Tajadura J., Terlizzi A. & Saiz-Salinas J.I. (2012)

Sea cucumbers in the Seychelles: effects of marine protected areas on high-value species

Based on: Cariglia N., Wilson S.K., Graham N.A.J., Fisher R., Robinson J., Aumeeruddy R., Quatre R. & Polunin N.V.C. (2013)

Ecological characterization of dredged and non-dredged bivalve fishing areas off south Portugal

Based on: Chícharo L., Chícharo A., Gaspar M., Alves F. & Regala J. (2002)

Conservation benefits of a network of marine reserves and partially protected areas

Based on: Coleman M.A., Palmer-Brodie A. & Kelaher B.P. (2013)

Environmental factors influencing the reproduction of an estuarine penaeid population and implications for management

Based on: Crisp J.A., Loneragan N.R., Tweedley J.R., D’Souza F.M.L. & Poh B. (2018)

Lessons learnt from experimental temporary octopus fishing closures in south-west Madagascar: benefits of concurrent closures

Based on: Benbow S., Humber F., Oliver T., Oleson K., Raberinary D., Nadon M., Ratsimbazafy H. & Harris A. (2014)

Increased disease calls for a cost-benefits review of marine reserves

Based on: Wootton E.C., Woolmer A.P., Vogan C.L., Pope E.C., Hamilton K.M. & Rowley A.F. (2012)

Impact of scallop dredging on benthic epifauna in a mixed-substrate habitat

Based on: Boulcott P., Millar C.P. & Fryer R.J. (2014)

How complementary are epibenthic assemblages in artificial and nearby natural rocky reefs?

Based on: Carvalho S., Moura A., Cúrdia J., Cancela d.F.L. & Santos M.N. (2013)

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