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A review of the success of bat boxes in houses

Based on: Bat Conservation Trust (2006)

Utility of high-density plantings in bay scallop, Argopecten irradians irradians, restoration

Based on: Tettelbach S.T., Barnes D., Aldred J., Rivara G., Bonal D., Weinstock A., Fitzsimons-Diaz C., Thiel J., Cammarota M.C., Stark A., Wejnert K., Ames R. & Carroll J. (2011)

Do ranger stations deter poaching activity in national parks in Thailand?


Based on: Jenks K.E., Howard J. & Leimgruber P. (2012)

Managing mountain goats at a highway crossing

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Singer F.J. & Doherty J.L. (1985)

Effect of artificial warren size on a restocked European wild rabbit population

Animal Conservation

Based on: Rouco C., Villafuerte R., Castro F. & Ferreras P. (2011)

Survival of very small macropod pouch young following short-term isolation from the pouch at various environmental temperatures

Animal Conservation

Based on: Taggart D.A., Shimmin G.E., Underwood G. & Phillips K. (2002)

Restoration by biomanipulation of lake Bleiswijkse Zoom (The Netherlands): first results

Aquatic Ecology

Based on: Meijer M.L., Raat A.J.P. & Doef R.W. (1989)

Burning issues for conservation: A critique of faunal fire research in Southern Africa

Austral Ecology

Based on: Parr C.L. & Chown S.L. (2003)

Effects of management practices on the carabid fauna of newly established wildflower meadows in Scotland

Annales Zoologici Fennici

Based on: Blake R., Foster G.N., Fisher G.E.J. & Ligertwood G.L. (1996)

Ground photoeclector evaluation of Diptera and parasitoid Hymenoptera in unfertilized, mineral nitrogen and compost fertilized grain fields

Mitteilungen Der Deutschen Gesellschaft Fur Allgemeine Und Angewandte Entomologie Band 10, Heft 1-6, Dezember 1995

Based on: Idinger J. (1995)

Small mammals on set-aside blocks and margins

Aspects of Applied Biology

Based on: Tattersall F.H., Hart B.J., Manley W.J., Macdonald D.W. & Feber R.E. (1999)

Reproduction and Dispersal of Transplanted Wild Turkeys in Iowa

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Terry T.W. & Varland K.L. (1981)

Usefulness of volunteer data to measure the large scale decline of ‘‘common’’ toad populations

Biological Conservation

Based on: Bonardi A., Manenti R., Corbetta A., Ferri V., Fiacchini D., Giovine G., Macchi S., Romanazzi E., Soccini C., Bottoni L., Padoa-Schioppa E. & Ficetola G.F. (2011)

Dynamics of soil extractable carbon and nitrogen under different cover crop residues

Journal of Soils and Sediments

Based on: Zhou X., Chen C., Wu H. & Xu Z. (2012)

Measuring impacts of community forestry program through repeat photography and satellite remote sensing in the Dolakha district of Nepal

Journal of Environmental Management

Based on: Niraula R., Gilani H., Pokharel B. & Qamer F. M. (2013)

Long-term effects of prescribed fire on mixed conifer forest structure in the Sierra Nevada, California

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Van Mantgem P.J., Stephenson N.L., Knapp E., Battles J. & Keeley J.E. (2011)

Riparian plant restoration in summer-dry riverbeds of southeastern Spain

Restoration Ecology

Based on: Salinas M.J. & Guirado J. (2002)

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