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Evaluation of fall burning on bighorn sheep winter range

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Peek J.M., Riggs R.A. & Lauer J.L. (1979)

Influence of supplemental food on local populations of Peromyscus leucopus

Journal of Mammalogy

Based on: Hansen L.P. & Batzli G.O. (1979)

Responses of grassland invertebrates to management by cutting: II. Heteroptera

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Morris M.G. (1979)

Growth characteristics of grass and legume cultivars and their potential for land reclamation

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Elias C.O. & Chadwick M.J. (1979)

The use of metal tolerant plant populations for the reclamation of metalliferous wastes

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Smith R.A.H. & Bradshaw A.D. (1979)

The effect of Lupinus arboreus on the nitrogen status of china clay wastes

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Palaniappan V.M., Marrs R.H. & Bradshaw A.D. (1979)

Evaluation of wire fences for coyote control

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Thompson B.C. (1979)

Nest site selection by bumblebees (Hymenoptera: Apidae) in Southern Alberta

The Canadian Entomologist

Based on: Richards K.W. (1978)

Influence of supplemental feeding on a vole population

Journal of Mammalogy

Based on: Cole F.R. & Batzli G.O. (1978)

Suggested measures for the protection of wildlife when constructing shipping canals and inland waterways

Zeitschrift für Jagdwissenschaft

Based on: Schneider V.E. & Waffel H.H. (1978)

Supplementary feeding of young puffins, Fratercula arctica

Journal of Animal Ecology

Based on: Harris M.P. (1978)

Use of artificial nest boxes by Abert's squirrels

The Southwestern Naturalist

Based on: Pederson J.C. & Heggen A.W. (1978)

Field test of a coyote-proof fence

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: de Calesta D.S. & Cropsey M.G. (1978)

Brown pelican restocking efforts in Louisiana

Wilson Bulletin

Based on: Nesbitt S.A., Williams L.E. Jr., McNease L. & Joanen T. (1978)

Highway right-of-way fences as deer deterrents

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Falk N.W., Graves H.B. & Bellis E.D. (1978)

Development and evaluation of anti-coyote electric fencing

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Gates N.L., Rich J.E., Godtel D.D. & Hulet C.V. (1978)

Roan translocation in Kenya


Based on: Sekulic R. (1978)

A comparison of planting and natural succession after a forest fire in the northern Sierra Nevada

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Bock J.H., Raphael M. & Bock C.E. (1978)

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