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The structure and functioning of flower-visiting insect communities on hay meadows. PhD thesis, University of Cambridge

The structure and functioning of flower-visiting insect communities on hay meadows

Based on: & (2002)

The success of a soft-release reintroduction of the flightless Aldabra rail (Dryolimnas [cuvieri] aldabranus) on Aldabra Atoll, Seychelles

Biological Conservation

Based on: Wanless R.M., Cunningham J., Hockey P.A.R., Wanless J., White R.W. & Wiseman R. (2002)

The suitability of native Bombus terrestris dalmatinus (Hymenoptera: Apidae) queen for mass rearing

Journal of Apicultural Science

Based on: Gurel F. & Gosterit A. (2009)

The survival of viable seeds in stored topsoil from opencast coal workings and its implications for site restoration

Biological Conservation

Based on: Dickie J.B., Gajjar K.H., Birch P. & Harris J.A. (1988)

The sustainable agriculture farming system project in California's Sacramento Valley

Outlook on agriculture

Based on: Poudel D.D., Ferris H., Klonsky K., Horwath W.R., Scow K.M., van Bruggen A.H.C., Lanini W.T., Mitchell J.P. & Temple S.R. (2001)

The Swiss agri-environment scheme enhances pollinator diversity and plant reproductive success in nearby intensively managed farmland

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Albrecht M., Duelli P., Müller C., Kleijn D. & Schmid B. (2007)

The Swiss agri-environment scheme promotes farmland birds: but only moderately

Journal of Ornithology

Based on: Birrer S., Spiess M., Herzog F., Jenny M., Kohli L. & Lugrin B. (2007)

The Tarahumara frog: return of a native

Endangered Species Bulletin

Based on: Rorabaugh J. & Humphrey J. (2002)

The threat of parasitic nematodes to farm crops grown in various rotations and monoculture

Acta Academiae Agriculturae ac Technicae Olstenensis, Agricultura

Based on: Wolny S. (1992)

The use of soil disturbance in the management of Breckland grass heaths

Journal of Environmental Management

Based on: Dolman P.M. & Sutherland W.J. (1994)

The use of a nutritional supplement to improve egg production in the endangered kakapo

Biological Conservation

Based on: Houston D., Mcinnes K., Elliott G., Eason D., Moorhouse R. & Cockrem J. (2007)

The use of bat gates at abandoned mines in Colorado

Bat Research News

Based on: Navo K.W. & Krabacher P. (2005)

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