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First swift fox, Vulpes velox, reintroduction in the USA: results of the first two years

Endangered Species Update

Based on: Smeeton C. & Weagle K. (2001)

Long-term effects of burning slash on plant communities and arbuscular mycorrhizae in a semi-arid woodland

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Kristin E. Haskins & Catherine A. Gehring (2004)

The effect of Lupinus arboreus on the nitrogen status of china clay wastes

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Palaniappan V.M., Marrs R.H. & Bradshaw A.D. (1979)

Nest protectors provide a cost-effective means of increasing breeding success in giant ibis Thaumatibis gigantea

Bird Conservation International

Based on: Keo O., Collar N.J. & Sutherland W.J. (2009)

Habitat and snag selection by woodpeckers in a clear-cut: an analysis using artificial snags

Wilson Bulletin

Based on: Petit K.E., Grubb T.C. Jr. & Reichhardt L.J. (1985)

Restorative removal of plant litter and vegetation 40 years after abandonment enhances re-emergence of steppe grassland vegetation

Biological Conservation

Based on: Ruprecht E., Enyedi M.Z., Eckstein R.L. & Donath T.W. (2010)

The effects of herbicide input level and rotation on winter seed availability for birds

1997 Brighton Crop Protection Conference - Weeds, Conference Proceedings

Based on: Jones N.E., Burn A.J. & Clarke J.H. (1997)

Botanical diversity of beetle banks: effects of age and comparison with conventional arable field margins in southern UK

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Thomas S.R., Noordhuis R., Holland J.M. & Goulson D. (2002)

Influence of Riparian Buffer Width on Bird Assemblages in Western Oregon

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Hagar J.C. (1999)

Cryopreservation of hormonally induced sperm for the conservation of threatened amphibians with Rana temporaria as a model research species


Based on: Shishova N.R., Uteshev V.K., Kaurova S.A., Browne R.K. & Gakhova E.N. (2010)

Herbaceous response to cattle grazing following juniper cutting in Oregon

Rangeland Ecology & Management

Based on: Bates J.D. (2005)

Recovery of the Bird Community after a Mine Spill and Landscape Restoration of a Mediterranean River

Restoration Ecology

Based on: Ontiveros D., Márquez-Ferrando R., Fernández-Cardenete J.R., Santos X., Caro J. & Pleguezuelos J.M. (2013)

Ecological evaluation of an experimental beneficial use scheme for dredged sediment disposal in shallow tidal waters

Based on: van der Wal D., Forster R.M., Rossi F., Hummel H., Ysebaert T., Roose F. & Herman P.M.J. (2011)

Impact of predator removal on predator and mountain hare populations in Finland

Annales Zoologici Fennici

Based on: Kauhala K., Helle P., Helle E. & Korhonen J. (1999)

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