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Use of badger tunnels on Highway Agency schemes in England

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Eldridge B. & Wynn J. (2011)

Can supplemental food increase winter survival of a threatened cottontail rabbit?

Biological Conservation

Based on: Weidman T. & Litvaitis J.A. (2011)

Translocation of hihi Notiomystis cincta to Maungatautari, a mainland reserve protected by a predator-exclusion fence, Waikato, New Zealand

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Ewen J.G., Parker K.A., Richardson K., Armstrong D. & Smuts-Kennedy C. (2011)

Rapid in vitro propagation of Premna serratifolia, a medicinally important declining shrub, India

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Chinnappan R.S., Ruthar N. & Sethu S.S. (2011)

Responses of heather moorland and Mediterranean mouflon foraging to prescribed-burning and cutting

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Cazau M., Garel M. & Maillard D. (2011)

Managing competition between birds and bats for roost boxes in small woodlands, north-east England

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Meddings A., Taylor S., Batty L., Knowles M. & Latham D. (2011)

Control of Exotic Annual Grasses to Restore Native Forbs in Abandoned Agricultural Land

Restoration Ecology

Based on: Marushia R.G. & Allen E.B. (2011)

Bacillus Calmette-Guérin vaccination reduces the severity and progression of tuberculosis in badgers

Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences

Based on: Chambers M.A., Rogers F., Delahay R.J., Lesellier S., Ashford R., Dalley D., Gowtage S., Davé D., Palmer S., Brewer J., Crawshaw T., Clifton-Hadley R., Carter S., Cheeseman C., Hanks C., Murray A., Palphramand K., Pietravalle S., Smith G.C., Tomlinson A., Walker N.J., Wilson G.J., Corner L.A.L., Rushton S.P., Shirley M.D.F., Gettinby G., McDonald R.A. & Hewinson R.G. (2011)

Control of giant reed Arundo donax on Vila Franca do Campo Islet, Azores, Portugal

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Silva C.M.N., Silva L., Oliveira N., Geraldes P. & Hervías S. (2011)

Effects of small canopy gaps on boreal mixedwood understory vegetation dynamics

Community Ecology

Based on: Grandpré L., Boucher D., Bergeron Y. & Gagnon D. (2011)

Using canopy bridges to link habitat for arboreal mammals: successful trials in the wet tropics of Queensland

Australian Mammalogy

Based on: Weston N., Goosem M., Marsh H., Cohen M. & Wilson R. (2011)

Management of Yellowstone bison and brucellosis transmission risk – Implications for conservation and restoration

Biological Conservation

Based on: White P.J., Wallen R.L., Geremia C., Treanor J.J. & Blanton D.W. (2011)

Reintroduced bighorn sheep: fitness consequences of adjusting parturition to local environments

Journal of Mammalogy

Based on: Whiting J.C., Bowyer R.T., Flinders J.T. & Eggett D.L. (2011)

Long-term heathland restoration on former grassland: The results of a 17-year experiment

Biological Conservation

Based on: Pywell R.F., Meek W.R., Webb N.R., Putwain P.D. & Bullock J.M. (2011)

The peatland area change in past 20 years in the Zoige Basin, eastern Tibetan Plateau

Frontiers in Earth Science

Based on: Yao L., Zhao Y., Gao S., Sun J. & Li F. (2011)

Differential diameter-size effects of forest management on tree species richness and community structure: implications for conservation

Biodiversity and Conservation

Based on: Gutiérrez-Granados G., Pérez-Salicrup D.R. & Dirzo R. (2011)

Do benthic biofilters contribute to sustainability and restoration of the benthic environment impacted by offshore cage finfish aquaculture?

Based on: Aguado-Giménez F., Piedecausa M.A., Carrasco C., Gutiérrez J.M., Aliaga V. & García-García B. (2011)

Effects of retention felling on epixylic species in boreal spruce forests in southern Finland

Restoration Ecology

Based on: Hautala H., Laaka‐Lindberg S. & Vanha‐Majamaa I. (2011)

Plant diversity partitioning in grazed Mediterranean grassland at multiple spatial and temporal scales

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Golodets C., Kigel J. & Sternberg M. (2011)

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