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Non-commercial invertebrate discards in an experimental trammel net fishery

Based on: Gonçalves J.M.S., Bentes L., Coelho R., Monteiro P., Ribeiro J., Correia C., Lino P.G. & Erzini K. (2008)

Effects of fishing on a temperate reef community in South Africa 2: benthic invertebrates and algae

Based on: Götz A., Kerwath S.E., Attwood C.G. & Sauer W.H. (2009)

Oyster reef restoration: substrate suitability may depend on specific restoration goals

Based on: Graham P.M., Palmer T.A. & Beseres P.J. (2017)

The importance of benchmarking habitat structure and composition for understanding the extent of fishing impacts in soft sediment ecosystems

Based on: Handley S.J., Willis T.J., Cole R.G., Bradley A., Cairney D.J., Brown S.N. & Carter M.E. (2014)

The influence of dredge design on the catch of Callista chione (Linnaeus, 1758)


Based on: Gaspar M.B., Dias M.D., Campos A., Monteiro C.C., Santos M.N., Chícharo A. & Chícharo L. (2001)

A comparison of direct macrofaunal mortality using three types of clam dredges

Based on: Gaspar M.B., Leitão F., Santos M.N., Chícharo L., Dias M.D., Chícharo A. & Monteiro C.C. (2003)

Oyster reef restoration: effect of alternative substrates on oyster recruitment and nekton habitat use

Based on: George L.M., De S.K., Palmer T.A. & Beseres P.J. (2015)

Spillover effects of a Mediterranean marine protected area on the European spiny lobster Palinurus elephas (Fabricius, 1787)

Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems

Based on: Follesa M.C., Cannas R., Cau A., Cuccu D., Gastoni A., Ortu A., Pedoni C. & Porcu C. (2011)

Trophic look at soft-bottom communities — Short-term effects of trawling cessation on benthos

Based on: Dannheim J., Brey T., Schröder A., Mintenbeck K., Knust R. & Arntz W.E. (2014)

Community convergence and recruitment of keystone species as performance indicators of artificial reefs

Based on: Fariñas-Franco J.M., Allcock L., Smyth D. & Roberts D. (2013)

Experimental evaluation of the effects of management of invasive corals on native communities

Based on: De Paula A.F., Fleury B., Lages B. & Creed J. (2017)

Nitrogen loading alters seagrass ecosystem structure and support of higher trophic levels

Based on: Deegan L.A., Wright A., Ayvazian S.G., Finn J.T., Golden H., Merson R.R. & Harrison J. (2002)

Community-based, low-tech method of restoring a lost thicket of Acropora corals

Based on: dela Cruz D.W., Villanueva R.D. & Baria M.V.B. (2014)

A 25-year marine reserve as proxy for the unfished condition of an exploited species

Based on: Díaz D., Mallol S., Parma A.M. & Goñi R. (2016)

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