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Response of peat swamp forest species to macronutrients

Based on: Yuwati T.W., Rachmanadi D., Santosa P.B., Rusmana . & Graham L.L.B. (2014)

Response of peat swamp forest species to mycorrhizal inoculations

Based on: Yuwati T.W., Graham L.L.B., Rachmanadi D., Santosa P.B. & Rusmana . (2014)

Botanical Data Analysis 2013

Exmoor Mires Partnership

Based on: Glendinning A. & Hand A. (2014)

Efficacy of Ropel® as a coyote repellent

Human Wildlife Interactions

Based on: Miller E.A., Young J.K., Stelting S. & Kimball B.A. (2014)

Reintroduction of Przewalski’s horse (Equus ferus przewalskii) in Xinjiang, China: The status and experience

Biological Conservation

Based on: Xia C., Cao J., Zhang H., Gao X., Yang W. & Blank D. (2014)

To feed or not to feed? Evidence of the intended and unintended effects of feeding wild ungulates

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Milner J.M., Van Beest F.M., Schmidt K.T., Brook R.K. & Storaas T. (2014)

Passive Recovery of Vegetation after Herbivore Eradication on Santa Cruz Island, California

Restoration Ecology

Based on: Beltran R.S., Kreidler N., Van V.D.H., Morrison S.A., Zavaleta E.S., Newton K., Tershy B.R. & Croll D.A. (2014)

Effects of Cattle Management on Oak Regeneration in Northern Californian Mediterranean Oak Woodlands


Based on: López-Sánchez A., Schroeder J., Roig S., Sobral M. & Dirzo R. (2014)

Effectiveness of low-cost deterrents in decreasing livestock predation by felids: a case in Central Mexico

Animal Conservation

Based on: Zarco-González M.M. & Monroy-Vilchis O. (2014)

Interactive Effects of Nitrogen Deposition and Grazing on Plant Species Composition in a Serpentine Grassland

Rangeland Ecology & Management

Based on: Pasari J.R., Hernández D.L. & Zavaleta E.S. (2014)

Lessons learnt from experimental temporary octopus fishing closures in south-west Madagascar: benefits of concurrent closures

Based on: Benbow S., Humber F., Oliver T., Oleson K., Raberinary D., Nadon M., Ratsimbazafy H. & Harris A. (2014)

Impact of scallop dredging on benthic epifauna in a mixed-substrate habitat

Based on: Boulcott P., Millar C.P. & Fryer R.J. (2014)

The effect of coterie relocation on release-site retention and behavior of Utah prairie dogs

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Curtis R., Frey S.N. & Brown N.L. (2014)

Influence of tree resources on nest box use by the Japanese dormouse Glirulus japonicus

Mammal Study

Based on: Nakamura-Kojo Y., Kojo N., Ootsuka T., Minami M. & Tamate H.B. (2014)

Sustainable management of an intercropped Mediterranean vineyard

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Mercenaro L., Nieddu G., Pulina P. & Porqueddu C. (2014)

Restoring Native Perennial Grasses by Changing Grazing Practices in Central Coastal California

Ecological Restoration

Based on: Henneman C., Seavy N.E. & Gardali T. (2014)

Introduction of Short Communications in the Conservation Evidence journal

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Sutherland W.J., Smith R.K., Mitchell R. & Dicks L.V. (2014)

Comparative effectiveness research: the missing link in conservation

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Smith R.K., Dicks L.V., Mitchell R. & Sutherland W.J. (2014)

Reintroduction of red-billed curassow Crax blumenbachii to Guapiaçu Ecological Reserve, Brazil

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Bernardo C.S.S. & Locke N. (2014)

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