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Performance of artificial maternity bat roost structures near Bath, UK

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Garland L., Wells M. & Markham S. (2017)

Designing a new access point for lesser horseshoe bats, Gloucestershire, UK

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Reason P.F. (2017)

The regeneration capabilities of bryophytes for rich fen restoration

Biological Conservation

Based on: Mälson K. & Rydin H. (2007)

Peat disturbance, mowing, and ditch blocking as tools in rich fen restoration

Restoration Ecology

Based on: Mälson K., Sundberg S. & Rydin H. (2010)

Long-term effects of drainage and initial effects of hydrological restoration on rich fen vegetation

Applied Vegetation Science

Based on: Mälson K., Backéus I. & Rydin H. (2008)

Long-term effects of rotational prescribed burning and low-intensity sheep grazing on blanket-bog plant communities

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Lee H., Alday J.G. , Rose R.J., O'Reilly J. & Marrs R.H. (2013)

Rewetting of a cutover peatland: hydrologic assessment


Based on: LaRose S., Price J. & Rochefort L. (1997)

Restoration of managed pine fens: effect on hydrology and vegetation

Applied Vegetation Science

Based on: Laine A.M., Leppälä M., Tarvainen O., Päätalo M.L., Seppänen R. & Tolvanen A. (2011)

Revegetation dynamics after 15 years of rewetting in two extracted peatlands in Sweden

Mires and Peat

Based on: Kozlov S.A., Lundin L. & Avetov N.A. (2016)

Shrub removal facilitates recovery of wetland species in a rewetted fen

Journal for Nature Conservation

Based on: Kotowski W., Dzierża P., Czerwiński M., Kozub Ł. & Śnieg S. (2013)

Conservation management in fens: do large tracked mowers impact functional plant diversity?

Biological Conservation

Based on: Kotowski W., Jabłońska E. & Bartoszuk H. (2013)

Factors affecting re-vegetation dynamics of experimentally restored extracted peatland in Estonia

Environmental Science and Pollution Research

Based on: Karofeld E., Müür M. & Vellak K. (2016)

Effects of prescribed burning and wildfires on Orthoptera in Central European peat bogs

Environmental Conservation

Based on: Hochkirch A. & Adorf F. (2007)

A functional trait approach to fen restoration analysis

Applied Vegetation Science

Based on: Hedberg P., Saetre P., Sundberg S., Rydin H. & Kotowski W. (2013)

Vegetation recovery after multiple-site experimental fen restorations

Biological Conservation

Based on: Hedberg P., Kotowski W., Saetre P., Mälson K., Rydin H. & Sundberg S. (2012)

Plant community establishment in a restored wetland: effects of soil removal

Applied Vegetation Science

Based on: Hausman C.E., Fraser L.H., Kershner M.W. & de Szalay F.A. (2007)

Agroforesty [sic] system for rehabilitation of degraded peatland in Central Kalimantan

Journal of Wetlands Environmental Management

Based on: Harun M.K. & Yuwati T.W. (2015)

How can we effectively restore species richness and natural composition of a Molinia invaded fen?

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Hájkova P., Hájek M. & Kintrová K. (2009)

The effects of peatland restoration on water-table depth, elemental concentrations, and vegetation: 10 years of changes

Restoration Ecology

Based on: Haapalehto T.O., Vasander H., Jauhiainen S., Tahvanainen T. & Kotiaho J.S. (2010)

The responses of blanket bog vegetation to controlled grazing by hill sheep

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Grant S.A., Bolton G.R. & Torvell L. (1985)

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