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Sphagnum establishment on bare peat: the importance of climatic variability and Sphagnum species richness

Applied Vegetation Science

Based on: Chirino C., Campeau S. & Rochefort L. (2006)

Can indicator species predict restoration outcomes early in the monitoring process? A case study with peatlands

Ecological Indicators

Based on: González E., Rochefort L., Boudreau S., Hugron S. & Poulin M. (2013)

Reintroduction of fen plant communities on a degraded minerotrophic peatland

Canadian Journal of Botany

Based on: Rochefort L., LeBlanc M.-C., Bérubé V., Hugron S., Boudreau S. & Pouliot R. (2016)

Peatland conversion and degradation processes in insular Southeast Asia: a case study in Jambi, Indonesia

Land Degradation and Development

Based on: Miettinen J., Wang J., Hooijer A. & Liew S. (2013)

Re-vegetation of block-cut and milled peatlands: an Estonian example

Mires and Peat

Based on: Triisberg T., Karofeld E. & Paal J. (2011)

Recovery of target bryophytes in floating rich fens after 25 yr of inundation by base-rich surface water with lower nutrient contents

Applied Vegetation Science

Based on: Kooijman A.M., Cusell C., Mettrop I.S. & Lamers L.P.M. (2016)

Experiments with restoration of raised bog vegetation in Aukštumala Raised Bog in Lithuania

Based on: Jarašius L., Pakalnis R., Sendžikaitė J. & Matelevičiūtė D. (2013)

Ekologie rašelinišť na Šumavě

Based on: Horn P. (2012)

Abandonment alters community composition and canopy structure of Swiss calcareous fens

Applied Vegetation Science

Based on: Diemer M., Oetiker K. & Billeter R. (2001)

Livestock management and dam removal allowed the recovery of an aquatic habitat for endangered frog and fish species in Argentinian Patagonia

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Arellano M.L., Velasco M.A., Quiroga S., Kass C.A., Kass N.A. & Kacoliris F.P. (2017)

Long-term consequences of grazing and burning on northern peatland carbon dynamics


Based on: Ward S.E., Bardgett R.D., McNamara N.P., Adamson J.K. & Ostle N.J. (2007)

North American approach to the restoration of Sphagnum dominated peatlands

Wetlands Ecology and Management

Based on: Rochefort L., Quinty F., Campeau S., Johnson K. & Malterer T. (2003)

Effects of mowing cessation and hydrology on plant trait distribution in natural fen meadows

Acta Oecologica

Based on: Opdekamp W., Beauchard O., Backx H., Franken F., Cox T.J.S., Van Diggelen R. & Meire P. (2012)

Studies in the ecology of Wicken Fen: IV. Crop-taking experiments

Journal of Ecology

Based on: Godwin H. (1941)

A review of environmental benefits supplied by agri-environment schemes

Based on: Boatman N., Ramwell C., Parry H., Jones N., Bishop J., Gaskell P., Short C., Mills J. & Dwyer J. (2008)

For peat's sake: conservation or exploitation?

Biodiversity and Conservation

Based on: Barkham J.P. (1993)

The differential response of vegetation to grip blocking

Based on: Armstrong A., Holden J. & Stevens C. (2008)

Wyoming Big Sagebrush Density: Effects of Seeding Rates and Grass Competition

Restoration Ecology

Based on: Williams M.I., Schuman G.E., Hild A.L. & Vicklund L.E. (2002)

Grazing effects on plant functional group diversity in Mediterranean shrublands

Biodiversity and Conservation

Based on: Papanikolaou A.D., Fyllas N.M., Mazaris A.D., Dimitrakopoulos P.D., Kallimanis A.S. & Pantis J.D. (2011)

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