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Vegetation response to grazing management in a Mediterranean herbaceous community: a functional group approach

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Sternberg M., Gutman M., Perevolotsky A., Ungar E.D. & Kigel J. (2000)

Wild-reared aplomado falcons survive and recruit at higher rates than hacked falcons in a common environment

Biological Conservation

Based on: Brown J.L., Collopy M.W., Gott E.J., Juergens P.W., Montoya A.B. & Grainger Hunt W. (2006)

The incidence of the parasitic disease trichomoniasis and its treatment in reintroduced and wild pink pigeons Columba mayeri


Based on: Swinnerton K.J., Greenwood A.G., Chapman R.E. & Jones C.G. (2005)

Management effects on bat hibernacula in the Netherlands

Biological Conservation

Based on: Voûte A.M. & Lina P.H.C. (1986)

Effects of bison grazing, fire, and topography on floristic diversity in tallgrass prairie

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Hartnett D.C., Hickman K.R. & Fischer Walter L.E. (1996)

Effects of sandplain revegetation on avian abundance and diversity at Skogasandur and Myrdalssandur, South-Iceland

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Gunnarsson T.G. & Indridadottir G.H. (2009)

Effects of predator guards on wood duck box usage

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Cronan J.M. (1957)

Raptor acuity and wind turbine blade conspicuity

Proceedings of National Avian-Wind Power Planning Meeting IV

Based on: McIsaac H.P. (0)

Survival, Movements, and Reproduction of Released Captive-Reared Attwater's Prairie-Chicken

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Lockwood M.A., Clifton P., Morrow M.E., Rendel C.J. & Silvy N.J. (2005)

Effect of crop rotation with grain pearl millet on Pratylenchus penetrans and subsequent potato yields in Quebec


Based on: Dauphinais N., Belair G., Fournier Y. & Dangi O.P. (2005)

Invasive species shifts ontogenetic resource partitioning and microhabitat use of a threatened native amphibian

Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems

Based on: D’Amore A., Kirby E. & McNicholas M. (2009)

The effects of prescribed fire on bat communities in the longleaf pine sandhills ecosystem

Journal of Mammalogy

Based on: Armitage D.W. & Ober H.K. (2012)

Vegetation dynamics in Mediterranean forest pastures as affected by beef cattle grazing

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Casasús I., Bernués A., Sanz A., Villalba D., Riedel J. & Revilla R. (2007)

Adverse effects of artificial illumination on bat drinking activity

Animal Conservation

Based on: Russo D., Cistrone L., Libralato N., Korine C., Jones G. & Ancillotto L. (2017)

EcoFire: restoring the biodiversity values of the Kimberley region by managing fire

Ecological Management & Restoration

Based on: Legge S., Murphy S.A., Kingswood R., Maher B. & Swan D. (2011)

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