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Techniques to enhance the establishment and persistence of poor-performing species in grassland restoration: results from a 4-year experimental study (RP00199)

Based on: Wagner M., Bullock J.M., Hulmes S., Hulmes L., Peyton J., Amy S., Savage J., Dos S.P.G., Tallowin J.R.B., Dunn R.M. & Pywell R.F. (2014)

Conservation practice could benefit from routine testing and publication of management outcomes

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Sutherland W.J., Mitchell R, Walsh J., Amano T., Ausden M., Beebee T.J.C., Bullock D., Daniels M., Deutsch J., Griffiths R.A., Prior S. V., Whitten T. & Dicks L.V. (2013)

The impacts of commercial woodland management on woodland butterfly biodiversity in Morecambe Bay, UK

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Taylor D.L., Ramsey A., Convery I., Lawrence A. & Weatherall A. (2013)

Restoring species-rich grassland at New Grove Meadows, Monmouthshire, Wales, UK

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Winder J.S. (2013)

Soil aggregation and organic carbon protection in a no-tillage chronosequence under Mediterranean conditions


Based on: Plaza-Bonilla D., Cantero-Martínez C., Viñas P. & Álvaro-Fuentes J. (2013)

Reduction of runoff and soil loss over steep slopes by using vetiver hedgerow systems

Paddy and Water Environment

Based on: Donjadee S. & Tingsanchali T. (2013)

Rapid changes in microbial biomass and aggregate size distribution in response to changes in organic matter management in grass pasture


Based on: Hurisso T.T., Davis J.G., Brummer J.E., Stromberger M.E., Mikha M.M., Haddix M.L., Booher M.R. & Paul E.A. (2013)

Influencing human behaviour: an underutilised tool for biodiversity management

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Veríssimo D. (2013)

Using social marketing to foster sustainable behaviour in traditional fishing communities of southwest Madagascar

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Andriamalala G., Peabody S., Gardner C.J. & Westerman K. (2013)

Driving adoption of payments for ecosystem services through social marketing, Veracruz, Mexico

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Green K.M., DeWan A., Balcázar Arias A. & Hayden D. (2013)

Increase of white stork Ciconia ciconia population attracted by artificial nesting platforms in Calabria, Italy

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Santopaolo R., Godino G., Golia S., Mancuso A., Monterosso G., Pucci M., Santopaolo F. & Gustin M. (2013)

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