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Implementing unpredictability in feeding enrichment for Malayan sun bears (Helarctos malayanus)

Zoo Biology

Based on: Schneider M., Nogge G. & Kolter L. (2014)

Activity and diet of bats in conventional versus organic apple orchards in southern Michigan

Canadian Field-Naturalist

Based on: Long B.L. & Kurta A. (2014)

Improved timber harvest techniques maintain biodiversity in tropical forests

Conservation Biology

Based on: Bicknell J.E., Struebig M.J., Edwards D.P. & Davies Z.G. (2014)

Effects of cave gating on population trends at individual hibernacula of the Indiana bat (Myotis sodalis)

Acta Chiropterologica

Based on: Crimmins S.M., McKann P.C., Szymanski J.A. & Thogmartin W.E. (2014)

Host, pathogen, and environmental characteristics predict white-nose syndrome mortality in captive little brown myotis (Myotis lucifugus)


Based on: Johnson J.S., Reeder D.M., McMichael J.W. III, Meierhofer M.B., Stern D.W.F., Lumadue S.S., Sigler L.E., Winters H.D., Vodzak M.E., Kurta A., Kath J.A. & Field K.A. (2014)

Lessons learnt from experimental temporary octopus fishing closures in south-west Madagascar: benefits of concurrent closures

Based on: Benbow S., Humber F., Oliver T., Oleson K., Raberinary D., Nadon M., Ratsimbazafy H. & Harris A. (2014)

Impact of scallop dredging on benthic epifauna in a mixed-substrate habitat

Based on: Boulcott P., Millar C.P. & Fryer R.J. (2014)

Trophic look at soft-bottom communities — Short-term effects of trawling cessation on benthos

Based on: Dannheim J., Brey T., Schröder A., Mintenbeck K., Knust R. & Arntz W.E. (2014)

Community-based, low-tech method of restoring a lost thicket of Acropora corals

Based on: dela Cruz D.W., Villanueva R.D. & Baria M.V.B. (2014)

The importance of benchmarking habitat structure and composition for understanding the extent of fishing impacts in soft sediment ecosystems

Based on: Handley S.J., Willis T.J., Cole R.G., Bradley A., Cairney D.J., Brown S.N. & Carter M.E. (2014)

Field experiments on remediation of coastal sediments using granulated coal ash

Based on: Kim K., Hibino T., Yamamoto T., Hayakawa S., Mito Y., Nakamoto K. & Lee I. (2014)

Patterns of colonization and succession of benthic assemblages in two artificial substrates

Based on: Spagnolo A., Cuicchi C., Punzo E., Santelli A., Scarcella G. & Fabi G. (2014)

Catch comparison of flatfish pulse trawls and a tickler chain beam trawl

Based on: Van Marlen B., Wiegerinck J.A.M., van Os-Koomen E. & van Barneveld E. (2014)

Effects of population density and body size on disease ecology of the European lobster in a temperate marine conservation zone.

ICES Journal of Marine Science

Based on: Davies C.E., Johnson A.F., Wootton E.C., Greenwood S.J., Clark K.F., Vogan C.L. & Rowley A.F. (2014)

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