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The effect of cover crops and fertilization with ammonium nitrate on corky root of lettuce

Plant Disease

Based on: van Bruggen A.H.C., Brown P.R., Shennon C. & Greathead A.S. (1990)

Yield and environmental effects of summer pig slurry applications to irrigated alfalfa under mediterranean conditions

Agronomy Journal

Based on: Salmerón M., Cavero J., Delgado I. & Isla R. (2010)

Soil carbon dioxide and methane fluxes as affected by tillage and N fertilization in dryland conditions

Plant and Soil

Based on: Plaza-Bonilla D., Cantero-Martínez C., Bareche J., Arrúe J. L. & Álvaro-Fuentes J. (2014)

Pig slurry residual effects on maize yields and nitrate leaching: A study in lysimeters

Agronomy Journal

Based on: Yagüe M. R. & Quílez D. (2015)

Residual effects of fertilization with pig slurry: Double cropping and soil

Agronomy Journal

Based on: Yagüe M. R. & Quílez D. (2013)

Cumulative and residual effects of swine slurry and mineral nitrogen in irrigated maize

Agronomy Journal

Based on: Yagüe M. R. & Quílez D. (2010)

Nitrogen oxide emissions from an irrigated maize crop amended with treated pig slurries and composts in a Mediterranean climate

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Meijide A., Díez J.a., Sánchez-Martín L., López-Fernández S. & Vallejo a. (2007)

Effect of Liquid Cattle Manure on Corn Yield, Composition, and Soil Properties

Agronomy Journal

Based on: Lithourgidis A.S., Matsi T., Barbayiannis N. & Dordas C.A. (2007)

Agricultural practices for food safety threaten pest control services for fresh produce

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Karp D. S., Moses R., Gennet S., Jones M., Joseph S., M'Gonigle L. K., Ponisio L. C., Snyder W. E. & Kremen C. (2016)

Towards a more sustainable fertilization: Combined use of compost and inorganic fertilization for tomato cultivation

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Hernandez T., Chocano C., Moreno J. & Garcia C. (2014)

Soil quality recovery and crop yield enhancement by combinedapplication of compost and wood to vegetables grown underplastic tunnels

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Bonanomi G., D’Ascoli R., Scotti R., Gaglione S.A., Caceres M.G., Sultana S., Scelza R., Rao M.A. & Zoina A. (2014)

Carbon dioxide and methane fluxes from a barley field amended with organic fertilizers under Mediterranean climatic conditions

Plant and Soil

Based on: Meijide A., Cárdenas L.M., Sánchez-Martín L. & Vallejo a. (2010)

Biochemical properties and barley yield in a semiarid Mediterranean soil amended with two kinds of sewage sludge

Applied Soil Ecology

Based on: Fernández J.M., Plaza C., García-Gil J.C. & Polo A. (2009)

On-farm assessment of organic matter and tillage management on vegetable yield, soil, weeds, pests, and economics in California

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Jackson L.E., Ramirez I., Yokota R., Fennimore S.A., Koike S.T., Henderson D.M., Chaney W.E., Calderon F.J. & Klonsky K. (2004)

Managing soil carbon for climate change mitigation and adaptation in Mediterranean cropping systems: A meta-analysis

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Aguilera E., Lassaletta L., Gattinger A. & Gimeno B.S. (2013)

Herbaceous vegetation enhancement increases biodiversity in a wine-producing vineyard in Israel, promoting shifts in agricultural practices in other vineyards

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Shapira I, Rosenfeld A., Rothschild A., Ackerman M., Eshel G. & Keasar T. (2017)

Effects of pond salinization on survival rate of amphibian hosts infected with the chytrid fungus

Conservation Biology

Based on: Stockwell M.P., Storrie L.J., Pollard C.J., Clulow J. & Mahony J.M. (2014)

Seabird recovery and vegetation dynamics after Norway rat eradication at Tromelin Island, western Indian Ocean

Biological Conservation

Based on: Le Corre M., Danckwerts D.K., Ringler D., Bastien M., Orlowski S., Rubio C.M., Pinaud D. & Micol T. (2015)

A fish-passable barrier to stop the invasion of non-indigenous crayfish

Biological Conservation

Based on: Frings R.M., Vaeßen S.C.K., Groß H., Schüttrumpf H. & Hollert H. (2012)

Influence of coarse woody debris on herpetofaunal communities in upland pine stands of the southeastern Coastal Plain

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Davis J.C., Castleberry S.B. & Kilgo J.C. (2010)

The effects of the illumination of buildings on house-dwelling bats and its conservation consequences

Acta Chiropterologica

Based on: Boldogh S., Dobrosi D. & Samu P. (2007)

Evaluation of artificial nests as a conservation tool for three forest-dwelling raptors

Animal Conservation

Based on: Björklund H., Valkama J., Saurola P. & Laaksonen T. (2013)

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