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The permeability of highway in Gorski Kotar (Croatia) for large mammals

European Journal of Wildlife Research

Based on: Kusak J., Huber D., Gomerčić T., Schwaderer G. & Gužvica G. (2009)

Age, sex and relocation distance as predictors of return for relocated nuisance black bears Ursus americanus in Ontario, Canada

Wildlife Biology

Based on: Landriault L.J., Brown G.S., Hamr J. & Mallory F.F. (2009)

Effects of prescribed fire on depredation rates of natural and artificial seaside sparrow nests

Wilson Journal of Ornithology

Based on: Almario B.S., Marra P.P., Gates J.E. & Mitchell L. (2009)

Effects of forest removal on amphibian migrations: implications for habitat and landscape connectivity

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Todd B.D., Luhring T.M., Rothermel B.B. & Gibbons J.W. (2009)

Street lighting disturbs commuting bats

Conservation Biology

Based on: Stone E.L., Jones G. & Harris S. (2009)

Nest Predation Management: Effects on Reproductive Success in Endangered Shorebirds

Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Pauliny A., Larsson M. & Bloqvist D. (2008)

Experimental evidence of light disturbance along commuting routes of pond bats Myotis dasycneme


Based on: Kuijper D.P.J., Schut J., van Dulleman D., Limpens H., Toorman H., Goossens N. & Ouwehand J. (2008)

Swift fox response to prescribed fire in shortgrass steppe

Western North American Naturalist

Based on: Thompson C.M., Augustine D.J. & Mayers D.M. (2008)

Restoration of salt-marsh vegetation in relation to site suitability, species pool and dispersal traits

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Wolters M., Garbutt A., Bekker R.M., Bakker J.P. & Carey P.D. (2008)

Reintroduction of the green and golden bell frog Litoria aurea to Pambula on the south coast of New South Wales

Australian Zoologist

Based on: Daly G., Johnson P., Malolakis G., Hyatt A. & Pietsch R. (2008)

Suppression of soil-borne pathogens of tomato by composts derived from agro-industrial wastes abundant in Mediterranean regions

Biology and Fertility of Soils

Based on: Ntougias S., Papadopoulou K.K., Zervakis G.I., Kavroulakis N. & Ehaliotis C. (2008)

Improved sustainable maintenance for mid-water coral nursery by the application of an anti-fouling agent

Journal Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology

Based on: Shafir S., Abady S. & Rinkevich B. (2008)

Restoration demography: a 10-year demographic comparison between introduced and natural populations of endemic Centaurea corymbosa (Asteraceae)

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Colas B., Kirchner F., Riba M., Olivieri I., Mignot A., Imbert E., Beltrame C., Carbonell D., & #233;ville H. (2008)

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