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Growth and demography of a re-introduced population of white-tailed eagles Haliaeetus albicilla


Based on: Evans R.J., Wilson J.D., Amar A., Douse A., MacLennan A., Ratcliffe N. & Whitfield D.P. (2009)

Bat use of a high-plains urban wildlife refuge

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Everette A.L., O'Shea T.J., Ellison L.E., Stone L.A. & McCance J.L. (2001)

The effect of agri-environment schemes on grey partridges at the farm level in England

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Ewald J.A., Aebischer N.J., Richardson S.M., Grice P.V. & Cooke A.I. (2010)

Investigation of the impact of changes in pesticide use on invertebrate populations (NECR182)

Based on: Ewald J.A., Wheatley C.J., Aebischer N.J., Duffield S. & Heaver D. (2016)

Translocation of hihi Notiomystis cincta to Maungatautari, a mainland reserve protected by a predator-exclusion fence, Waikato, New Zealand

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Ewen J.G., Parker K.A., Richardson K., Armstrong D. & Smuts-Kennedy C. (2011)

Inbreeding and loss of genetic variation in a reintroduced population of Mauritius kestrel

Conservation Biology

Based on: Ewing S.R., Nager R.G., Nicoll M.A.C., Jones C. G. & Keller L.F. (2008)

Restoration of riverine inland sand dune complexes: implications for the conservation of wild bees

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Exeler N., Kratochwil A. & Hochkirch A. (2009)

Do restored calcareous grasslands on former arable fields resemble ancient targets? The effect of time, methods and environment on outcomes

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Fagan K.C., Pywell R.F., Bullock J.M. & Marrs R.H. (2008)

Ten-year responses of ponderosa pine growth, vigor, and recruitment to restoration treatments in the Bitterroot Mountains, Montana, USA

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Fajardo A., Graham J.M., Goodburn J.M. & Fiedler C.E. (2007)

Highway right-of-way fences as deer deterrents

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Falk N.W., Graves H.B. & Bellis E.D. (1978)

Translocation of the palila, an endangered Hawaiian honeycreeper

Pacific Conservation Biology

Based on: Fancy S.G., Snetsinger T.J. & Jacobi J.D. (1997)

Nestbox provisioning in a rural population of Eurasian kestrels: breeding performance, nest predation and parasitism

Bird Study

Based on: Fargallo J.A., Blanco G., Potti J. & Vinuela J. (2001)

Community convergence and recruitment of keystone species as performance indicators of artificial reefs

Based on: Fariñas-Franco J.M., Allcock L., Smyth D. & Roberts D. (2013)

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