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Response of earthworm communities to different types of soil tillage

Applied Soil Ecology

Based on: Emmerling C. (2001)

Topsoil removal in degraded rich fens: can we force an ecosystem reset?

Ecological Engineering

Based on: Emsens W.-J., Aggenbach C.J.S., Smolders A.J.P. & Van Diggelen R. (2015)

Rapid response to habitat restoration by the perennial Primula veris as revealed by demographic monitoring

Plant Ecology

Based on: Endels P., Jacquemyn H., Brys R. & Martin Hermy M. (2005)

Effects of ungulate herbivory on aspen, cottonwood, and willow development under forest fuels treatment regimes

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Endress B.A., Wisdom M.J., Vavra M., Parks C.G., Dick B.L., Naylor B.J. & Boyd J.M. (2012)

Use of Tübingen mix for bee pasture in Germany

Forage for Bees in an Agricultural Landscape

Based on: Engels W., Schulz U. & Rädle M. (1994)

Forage for Bees in an Agricultural Landscape

Use of the Tubingen mix for bee pasture in Germany

Based on: Engels W., Schulz U. & Radle M. (1994)

Feral swine management for conservation of an imperiled wetland habitat: Florida's vanishing seepage slopes

Biological Conservation

Based on: Engeman R.M., Stevens A., Allen J., Dunlap J., Daniel M., Teague D. & Constantin B. (2007)

Burning of northern mixed prairie during drought

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Engle D.M. & Bultsma P.M. (1984)

Atrazine and burning in tallgrass prairie infested with prairie threeawn

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Engle D.M., Bidwell T.G., Stritzke J.F. & Rollins D. (1990)

Late growing-season fire effects in mid-successional tallgrass prairies

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Engle D.M., Mitchell R.L. & Stevens R.L. (1998)

Late-summer fire and follow-up herbicide treatments in tallgrass prairie

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Engle D.M., Stritzke J.F., Bidwell T.G. & Claypool P.L. (1993)

Breeding bird populations in relation to changing forest structure following fire exclusion: a 15-year study

Wilson Bulletin

Based on: Engstrom R.T., Crawford R.L. & Baker W.W. (1984)

Alternatives for the bulb trade from Turkey: a case study of indigenous bulb propagation


Based on: Entwistle A., Atay S., Byfield A., & Oldfield S. (2002)

Non-Native Species Newsletter: Spring Edition

Based on: Environment Agency Invasive Species Action Group . (2014)

Wildlife water utilization and importance of artificial waterholes during dry season at Ruaha National Park, Tanzania

Wetlands Ecology and Management

Based on: Epaphras A.M., Gereta E., Lejora I.A., Ole M.G.E., Ng’umbi G., Kiwango Y., Mwangomo E., Semanini F., Vitalis L., Balozi J. & Mtahiko M.G.G. (2008)

Feeding responses to predator-based repellents in the mountain beaver (Aplodontia rufa)

Ecological Applications

Based on: Epple G., Mason J.R., Aronov E., Nolte D.L., Hartz R.A., Kaloostian R., Campbell D. & Smith A.B. (1995)

PM 9/19 (1) Invasive alien aquatic plants

Bulletin OEPP

Based on: EPPO . (2014)

Fates of translocated river otters in Missouri

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Erickson D.W. & McCullough C.R. (1987)

Managed forests in the western Cascades: the effects of seral stage on bat habitat use patterns

Bats and Forests Symposium

Based on: Erickson J.L. & West S.D. (1996)

Survival and breeding success of the osprey Pandion haliaetus in Sweden

Bird Conservation International

Based on: Eriksson M.O.G. & Wallin K. (1994)

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