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Functionality of Selected Aromatic Lamiaceae in Attracting Pollinators in Central Spain

Journal of Economic Entomology

Based on: Barbir J., Azpiazu C., Badenes-Pérez F.R., Fernández-Quintanilla C. & Dorado J. (2016)

Impact of tillage on the crop pollinating, ground-nesting bee, Peponapis pruinosa in California

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Ullmann K.S., Meisner M.H. & Williams N.M. (2016)

Plant-pollinator biodiversity and pollination services in a complex Mediterranean landscape

Biological Conservation

Based on: Potts S.G., Petanidou T., Roberts S., O’Toole C., Hulbert A. & Willmer P. (2006)

Hedgerows enhance beneficial insects on adjacent tomato fields in an intensive agricultural landscape

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Morandin L.A., Long R.F. & Kremen C. (2014)

Relative Densities of Natural Enemy and Pest Insects Within California Hedgerows

Environmental Entomology

Based on: Pisani Gareau T.L., Letourneau D.K. & Shennan C. (2013)

Hedgerows enhance beneficial insects on farms in California's Central Valley

California Agriculture

Based on: Morandin L., Long R., Pease C. & Kremen C. (2011)

Influence of non-crop plants on stink bug (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) and natural enemy abundance in tomatoes

Journal of Applied Entomology

Based on: Pease C.G. & Zalom F.G. (2010)

Manipulating floral resources dispersion for hoverflies (Diptera: Syrphidae) in a California lettuce agro-ecosystem

Biological Control

Based on: Gillespie M., Wratten S., Sedcole R. & Colfer R. (2011)

Attractiveness of common insectary and harvestable floral resources to beneficial insects

Biological Control

Based on: Hogg B.N., Bugg R.L. & Daane K.M. (2011)

Pest control experiments show benefits of complexity at landscape and local scales

Ecological Applications

Based on: Chaplin-Kramer R. & Kremen C. (2012)

Provisioning Floral Resources to Attract Aphidophagous Hoverflies (Diptera: Syrphidae) Useful for Pest Management in Central Spain

Journal of Economic Entomology

Based on: Martínez-Uña A., Martín J.M., Fernández-Quintanilla C. & Dorado J. (2013)

Field margin vegetation enhances biological control and crop damage suppression from multiple pests in organic tomato fields

Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata

Based on: Balzan M.V. & Moonen A. (2014)

Nematode and fungal diseases of food legumes under conservation cropping systems in northern Syria

Soil and Tillage Research

Based on: Ahmed S., Piggin C., Haddad A., Kumar S., Khalil Y. & Geletu B. (2012)

Tillage system did not affect weed diversity in a 23-year experiment in Mediterranean dryland

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Plaza E.H., Kozak M., Navarrete L. & Gonzalez-Andujar J.L. (2011)

Synergistic effects of ground cover and adjacent vegetation on natural enemies of olive insect pests

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Paredes D., Cayuela L. & Campos M. (2013)

Management of Sinapis alba subsp. mairei winter cover crop residues for summer weed control in southern Spain

Crop Protection

Based on: Alcántara C., Pujadas A. & Saavedra M. (2011)

Postharvest survival of navel orangeworm assessed in pistachios

California Agriculture

Based on: Siegel J., Kuenen L.P.S., Higbee B.S., Noble P., Gill R., Yokota G.Y., Krugner R. & Daane K.M. (2008)

Relative impact of spider predation and cover crop on population dynamics of Erythroneura variabilis in a raisin grape vineyard

Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata

Based on: Hanna R., Zalom F.G. & Roltsch W.J. (2003)

Can cover crops reduce leafhopper abundance in vineyards?

California Agriculture

Based on: Daane K.M. & Costello M.J. (1998)

Influence of ground cover on spider populations in a table grape vineyard

Ecological Entomology

Based on: Costello M.J. & Daane K.M. (1998)

Weed Seedbank Characterization in Long-Term Cotton–Tomato Rotations in California

Agronomy Journal

Based on: Shrestha A., Mitchell J.P. & Hembree K.J. (2015)

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