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Artificial dens for raccoons

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Stuewer F.W. (1948)

Influence of alternative foods on vole population and damage in apple orchards

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Sullivan T.P. & Sullivan D.S. (1988)

Effect of artificial warren size on a restocked European wild rabbit population

Animal Conservation

Based on: Rouco C., Villafuerte R., Castro F. & Ferreras P. (2011)

Evaluating cougar translocation in New Mexico

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Ruth T.K., Logan K.A., Swearnor L.L., Hornocker M.G. & Temple L.J. (1998)

Effects of grazing intensity on small mammal population ecology in wet meadows

Basic and Applied Ecology

Based on: Schmidt N.M., Olsen H., Bildsøe M., Sluydts V. & Leirs H. (2005)

An evaluation of small-mammal use of constructed wildlife crossings in ski resorts

Wildlife Research

Based on: Schroder M. & Sato C.F. (2017)

Investigations into the health of brush-tailed rock-wallabies (Petrogale penicillata) before and after reintroduction

Australian Mammalogy

Based on: Schultz D.J., Rich B.G., Rohrig W., McCarthy P.J., Mathews B., Schultz T.J., Corrigan T. & Taggart D.A. (2011)

Taking a stand against illegal wildlife trade: the Zimbabwean approach to pangolin conservation


Based on: Shepherd C.R., Connelly E., Hywood L. & Cassey P. (2017)

Demography of bridled nailtail wallabies translocated to the edge of their former range from captive and wild stock

Biological Conservation

Based on: Pople A.R., Lowry J., Lundie-Jenkins G., Clancy T.F., McCallum H.I., Sigg D., Hoolihan D. & Hamilton S. (2001)

Demographic analyses of a hunted black bear population with access to a refuge

Conservation Biology

Based on: Powell R.A., Zimmerman J.W., Seaman D.E. & Gilliam J.F. (1996)

Distribution and diet of reintroduced otters (Lutra lutra) on the river Ticino (NW Italy)

Hystrix, the Italian Journal of Mammalogy (English, 1994-)

Based on: Prigioni C., Smiroldo G., Remonti L. & Balestrieri A. (2009)

Use of bait containing triclabendazole to treat Fascioloides magna infections in free-ranging white-tailed deer

Journal of Wildlife Diseases

Based on: Qureshi T., Drawe D.L., Davis D.S. & Craig T.M. (1994)

Do koalas Phascolarctos cinereus use trees planted on farms? A case study from north-west New South Wales, Australia

Pacific Conservation Biology

Based on: Rhind S.G., Ellis M.V., Smith M. & Lunney D. (2014)

Relationships between husbandry methods and sheep losses to canine predators

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Robel R.J., Dayton A.D., Henderson F.R., Meduna R.L. & Spaeth C.W. (1981)

Reactions of free-ranging black bears to capsaicin spray repellent

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Rogers L.L. (1984)

Fates of translocated cougars, Felis concolor, in Alberta

The Canadian Field-Naturalist

Based on: Ross P.I. & Jalkotzy M.G. (1995)

Patterns of movement of released female brown bears in the Cantabrian Mountains, northwestern Spain


Based on: Penteriani V., del Mar Delgado M., López-Bao J.V., García P.V., Monros J.S., Álvarez E.V., Corominas T.S. & Vázquez V.M. (2017)

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